Registering for eBay Managed Payments

Managing payments is a big step towards making eBay a simpler, more modern managed marketplace, and over 4 million sellers have already registered globally. It’s the way business will be done on eBay, and eBay will require all sellers to register for eBay to manage their payments in 2021.

When you receive a notification from us, we recommend you register before the deadline to avoid any interruption to your business. This process consists of a few simple steps, and once you have registered we will send you further details about the change to managed payments, how it will benefit your business, and how to take full advantage of our simpler approach to payments. Nothing will change until eBay activates your account, and we will notify you of your activation date in advance. Advance registration allows you extra time to prepare your business, and for us to give you the best activation experience we can.

Important note:

  • You may not be able to change your account type after you’ve completed your registration.

  • You will only be able to link Visa & debit cards.

If you have an ‘Individual’ eBay account, you will need to register for ‘Individual’ Payoneer account

If you have a ‘Business’ eBay account, you would need to register for ‘Business’ Payoneer account

Individual Account

Step by step on how to register for eBay Managed Payments

Step 1

Business Account

Step by step on how to register for eBay Managed Payments 

Step 1