Building Your Buyer's Trust

Everything you need to know about Feedback Scores and Detailed Seller Ratings.

Here’s how it works. When you sell an item on eBay, buyers can rate their experience with you. The ratings given are then added to the seller’s overall feedback and detailed seller rating scores.

How to check your performance on eBay

Your performance is based on the buyers’ feedback on your page. Buyers can view your seller's feedback score on your listings beneath your username. It’s displayed as a percentage with 100% being the highest score.

So if you have a score of 99.5%, it means that 99.5% of the buyers who left their feedback had a positive experience dealing with you.

In addition to the percentage feedback score, you'll also see a seller's star rating – the number in brackets next to your username. This shows how many buyers have left feedback for you.

For a more detailed view of your performance, you can also view the detailed seller rating. This is a breakdown of how buyers have rated you in the following areas:

Item description

How accurate is the item described in the listing. This includes both descriptions and pictures.


Did you communicate well with the buyer?

Shipping time

How quickly you ship the order, how quickly the buyer receives their delivery and whether the parcel was delivered by the promised Estimated Delivery Date

Shipping and Handling charges

Were the costs reasonable? Tip: Free Shipping automatically gives you 5 stars!

Why is it important to be an eBay star?

To put it simply, maintaining excellent seller feedback would increase the reputation of your store, which automatically increases potential buyers’ trust and confidence in you.

What’s more, the higher your score, the higher your ranking is in eBay’s search results.This means your listings will come up earlier in the search pages. Buyers who can’t be bothered to scroll through pages and pages of results will see your listing earlier. This translates into greater chances of them buying from you rather than another seller who is further down the list.

To get on eBay’s Top Seller chart, your aim here is to have more than 100 positive seller feedbacks with a score above 98%.

Don’t worry. It’s a lot easier than scoring in exams. Read on to find out how you can achieve these figures.

What are the best practices to maintain a good feedback score?

Here are some of the ways you can increase your seller feedback performance.

 Communicate promptly with buyers (within 24 hours)

In fact, it makes sense to check hourly during business hours in case there are any new enquiries or sales. Sometimes a buyer asks the same questions to a few sellers they are contemplating buying from. So the first positive response gets the sale. The logic being the more responsive seller would be the more reliable one and would also be the one that would ship faster.

Invest in end-to-end tracking shipping services

This is your best protection and alibi against any disputes arising from late or missing shipments.

Increase the number of positive transactions

·        Be responsive, pleasant, helpful and accommodating.

·        Make sure there are no glitches in the transaction.

·        Ensure that your items are accurately described in the listing, and that the same quality and specifications of the item is sent to meet the buyer's expectation.

·        Pack your item carefully for a safe delivery.

·        Speed up your shipping and handling process. Use a reliable courier.

·        Never promise something you can’t deliver. Give a realistic time frame for shipping.

Appeal against unfair negative feedback

Leaving feedback is entirely voluntary so you may want to appeal to your buyer to leave one for you. But make sure it’s someone who had a pleasant experience with you! 

If a buyer leaves an unfair negative feedback, do appeal politely for them to change it. You have 90 days to do this from the date the buyer leaves the feedback. You can offer them an incentive such as an extended warranty if you want. 

You can also include a simple “Thank You” note in the parcel.Your buyer will appreciate this gesture.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

My buyer won't leave me feedback

What should I do?

If you've successfully completed a transaction with another eBay member and they haven't left you a feedback, it's fine to send a message as a reminder. Remember though, leaving feedback is completely voluntary. So don’t push it or it may backfire.

I received feedback that violates eBay policies

What should I do?

If a member has violated one of eBay feedback policies, you can ask us to have it removed. Once we review it, we may remove the entire feedback, or just the comment or the rating.

I don’t think the negative feedback is fair

What can I do?

You can respond to the feedback and tell your side of the story. As a seller, you can also send a limited number of requests (5 for every 1,000 feedbacks) for buyers to revise their feedback