Learn about the Intellectual Property and Verified Rights Owner Program and stay on the safe lane.

eBay is a place for you to sell anything, everywhere! But be mindful of getting into trouble with Intellectual Property (IP) Rights.

What are Intellectual Property Rights? IP Rights are the rights of owners, also known as Rights Owners (RO), to protect their designs, creations, etc. from being used by other parties without permission.

So how does eBay monitor IP rights on their humongous platform?

Verified Rights Owner Program, or VeRO, allows Intellectual Property Rights Owners and their authorised representative to report and remove any eBay listings that may infringe their rights.

Here are some of the “Don’ts” to help you stay on the right side of VeRO:

Replica and counterfeit items 

Don’t sell replicas and counterfeits like those that can be found in street markets. 

Brand name misuse 

Don’t use brand names for third party products. For example, do not name a generic China charging cable as a “Samsung phone cable” in your listing title. You can however mention that the generic cable “fits” or is “compatible with” Samsung phones. 

Logo misuse 

Don’t use logos without authorisation, such as using Nike’s logo on your listing photos and item description without Nike’s permission.  

Image and text 

Don’t use someone else's image or description without permission. For example, you should not directly copy the pictures and description of Adidas sportswear from official Adidas websites.  

Media, software, movies, paintings 

Don’t sell illegal copies of another person’s work such as pirated DVDs, unauthorised software copies and fake paintings.  

Design rights 

Don’t use another person’s design and call it your own. Listing a piece of furniture from IKEA and putting your own brand name on it is a no-no.

Need more examples? Click here for VeRO FAQ!

Why should you comply?

All listings that violate IP rights are removed from eBay. Sellers who continue to violate IP rights will be subjected to a range of consequences. This can include selling restrictions, or even permanent suspension of your accounts on eBay. 

We are all humans and mistakes are inevitable. Don’t worry, we will help you along the way!

List your items the right way

Here are some examples of what Sellers can do to stay compliant with VeRO:

Take Your Own Photos

Grab a camera and capture original images of your item that displays it and all its features clearly to your buyers.

Write Your Own Descriptions

Type your own description that matches the current condition of the items on your listings.

Be Honest

Let your buyer know about the item with all its details and flaws. This will help them understand what they are buying and prevent backlash.

Follow Guidelines

Most importantly, check out VeRO participant profiles created by intellectual property rights owners! It’s the best way to know what you can and cannot do with IP rights.





Oh no! My listings have been taken down, what’s next?

If your listing was removed based on a VeRO report, we will send you an email about why your listing was reported and how to contact the RO directly.

See the full policy here