Why does SPS matter?

Seller Performance Standards is your personal report card

At eBay, customer satisfaction is everything. We measure our success by our customers’ success. Which is why we take your Seller Performance Standards (SPS) seriously. So should you

We give our sellers the platform, solutions and support you need to grow your business and thrive. In return, we expect our sellers to consistently provide services that result in a high level of buyer satisfaction. This includes setting and meeting buyer expectations by providing excellent customer service from beginning to end. As such, we’ve put in place minimum performance standards for areas within a seller’s control such as handling time and prompt problem resolution. Reason being, we want eBay to continue being the world’s favourite destination for discovering great value and unique selections.

Strive to be at the top

The table below explains how SPS would impact your eBay business.

Below Standard (BSTD)

Above Standard (ASTD)

eBay Top Rated Seller (eTRS)

Immediate 20-50% drop in visibility of your listings

Sell as per normal

Approx. 20% increase in  visibility of your listings

From Q2 2017, BSTD sellers will pay 2% additional Final Value Fees on their transactions (i.e. 2% more than ASTD sellers selling in the same category)

No penalties or benefits

10% off Final Value Fees on your transactions offering 1 day handling time and >30-day free returns

If your Standards don’t improve month-on-month, you may face selling restrictions

Top Rated seal displayed on your listings

If you stay BSTD for >60 days, your Premium or Anchor Store may be downgraded to Basic

CBT Seller Dashboard

If you reach the eBay Top Rated Seller level, you will enjoy greater visibility and pay less Final Value Fees to eBay*. This means both more sales and more profits for you!

Plus, having a Top Rated seal displayed on your listing is the best way to get more sales as buyers would trust you to be a more responsible seller. Visit the Top Rated program page to learn more.

To view your Seller Performance Standards, please go to My eBay > Account > Seller Dashboard

Or you can visit https://dashboard.ebay.com.sg/ to see how you're performing across various international markets and detailed performance history.

Learn about CBT Dashboard

How are standards calculated?

To get a good SPS, you are expected to:

  • Promptly resolve customer issues

  • Ship items on time, within your specified handling time

  • Manage inventory and keep items well stocked

  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs

  • Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing

  • Follow through on your return policy

  • Respond to buyers’ questions promptly

  • Be helpful, friendly and professional throughout a transaction

  • Make sure the item delivered to the buyer is as described in the listing. 

Avoid these to maintain a good SPS

  • Not meeting the late shipment rate requirements

  • Exceeding minimum requirements for defect rate

  • A bad experience for both you and your buyer

  • Low detailed seller ratings

  • Negative or neutral feedback from a buyer

  • A buyer requesting a return or reporting that an item is not received.

  • A buyer asking us to step in and help with a transaction issue 

The table below illustrates how evaluations are made on your selling practices.


Above Standard

Top Rated

Transaction defect rate

  • Seller-initiated transaction cancellation (Out of Stock)

  • Cases closed without seller resolution 

- Items Not received (INR)

- Item Not as Described (INAD)

Max. 2% of transactions with buyers whose addresses are registered to that region

Max. 0.5% of transactions with buyers whose addresses are registered to that region

Late shipment rate

≤ 3%

Cases closed without seller resolution

  • Items Not received (INR)

  • Item Not as Described (INAD)

0.3% of transactions with buyers whose addresses are registered to that region

0.3% of transactions with buyers whose addresses are registered to that region

Tracking uploaded on time and validated


Evaluation by region

eBay also evaluates SPS by different regions that sellers sell to. Such as “US”, “UK & Ireland”, “Germany, Austria and Switzerland” and “Global”.

To maintain an excellent SPS, sellers need to ensure that they are Above Standard in all regions that they sell in. 

Sellers will still face Below Standard penalties on their accounts if they are above standards in the US but below standards in Global.

Each region’s Standards are calculated by the number of transactions you’ve had over either 3 or 12 months with buyers whose addresses are registered in that region.

So you need to make sure you are performing in all regions to maintain a good SPS. If you are new to eBay, it makes sense to concentrate on one region first. Once you get a handle on how to score a high SPS, you can then branch out to other regions.

Evaluation Cycle

We evaluate your performance on the 20th of every month.

The length of time we look at in each evaluation depends on how many recent transactions you've had.

If you've had 400 or more transactions in the last three months, you're evaluated over that three-month period.

If you've had fewer than 400 transactions in the last three months, you're evaluated on the past 12 months.

These timelines help us make sure we're evaluating you as fairly as possible.

Here’s an example on how the monthly evaluation works.

Let’s say today is 20th March 2018. And you have had a total of 1,000 transactions in the past 3 months from 1st Dec to 28th Feb. But you only had 200 transactions with buyers registered in the US.

In this case, for the March US evaluation, you will be evaluated based on transactions, defects, etc of 12 months. For example, from 1st March 2017 to 31st March 2018.

Learn how to protect & maintain your Seller Performance Standards

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