Promoted Listing - Standard, Advance or Express?

How to choose the right campaign type

Comparison of Promoted Listings: Standard, Advanced, and Express

Advertising technology is a major part of eBay’s tech-led reimagination. Over the past few months, the marketplace has expanded its offering of advertising solutions that help sellers grow and expand their business. The evolving Promoted Listings portfolio offers sellers of all sizes different ways to boost visibility and drive sales, by choosing the campaign type that’s right for their business.

Promoted Listings Standard

Promoted Listing Advanced

Promoted Listings



Quick, simple and low-risk.

Promote your listings with ads across the eBay network and only pay when your items sell.

Visibility and control come together.

Promote your listings in the top spot in search and pay per click on your ads. Advanced campaigns give sellers more control over their budget and keyword targeting. 

Promotion of auction-style ads.

Attract buyers to your auction-style ads across eBay.

Best for

Sellers who need low risk, automation and reporting

Sellers who need velocity, predictability and standardization

Sellers who need to reach more potential buyers

Cost model



Flat fee

Listing format

Fixed price

Fixed price



Across eBay network

Top slot in search results

Similar listing pages

Let’s look at the different features, available to Above Standard and Top Rated sellers with enough account activity, in our Promoted Listings portfolio.

Promoted Listing Standard

New name same campaign type. Promoted listing standard is what most sellers are already familiar with. If you’ve never tried Promoted Listings Standard, think of it as the most popular way to dip your toes into advertising on eBay, as it offers high flexibility and a lower barrier to entry.

Promoted Listings Standard ads are shown across the entire eBay network. Sellers have the power to set the ad rate that’s right for their business, decide what to list, and make modifications to the campaign. And here’s the best part, sellers only pay the ad fee if their item sells within 30 days of a buyer clicking a Promoted Listings Standard ad. It’s quick, simple and a low-risk way to increase sales and grow further on eBay.

For Promoted Listings Standard, eBay is launching enhanced management capabilities through a new Campaign Dashboard. You can use filters to see what’s working and learn what needs improvement in each Standard campaign. Campaign Dashboard gives you extra visibility of metrics, as well as competitive insight reporting to help you get ahead. You can also make updates to your campaigns directly from the dashboard, without having to go through the 3-step campaign flow. Please note that Campaign Dashboard is currently not available for any Automated Campaigns.

Click here to learn more about Promoted Listings Standard.

To create a Promoted Listing Standard campaign, open Seller Hub > Marketing > Advertising Dashboard > Standard > Create New Campaign

Promoted Listing Advance

Promoted Listing Advance is an exciting new campaign type in our portfolio for sellers looking for another option to increase traffic to their listings, with increased control of their campaigns. While this feature is still in beta testing, sellers have already found success using it.

Promoted Listings Advanced is not a replacement for Promoted Listing Standard. In fact, they’re meant to complement one another. Promoted Listings Advanced is a cost-per-click (CPC) campaign model specifically targeting the highly coveted top of search slot on eBay. Sellers have the control to create a daily budget to bid on keywords of their choosing.

eBay’s going to be opening additional slots for Promoted Listings Advanced. Until now, your listings were only featured in the very top slot of search results. You’ll soon get the chance to have more of your listings show in additional slots, increasing your visibility and providing you with more opportunities to compete for buyers' attention in search.

New Keyword targeting capabilities

For Promoted Listings Advanced, eBay’s working to expand our keyword match types to provide more opportunities for your listings to get seen by buyers. Match types are used to control how your listings appear and/or don’t appear in buyers’ search results based on specified keywords.

eBay currently offers exact match and phrase match targeting but eBay plans to start testing broad match keyword targeting capability soon. This can help to increase the visibility of your listings by allowing your listings to surface when your keyword is included as part of a search phrase, not just an exact match.

Will Promoted Listings Advanced work for you?

For sellers unsure if Promoted Listings Advanced is right for them, here are a few considerations based on the successes of early adopters.

Checklist: will Promoted Listings Advanced work for you?

You have new or trending inventory that can competitively target slot 1 in search

☐ You have experience in running and optimizing cost-per-click campaign types

☐ You have items with high prices better suited for cost-per-click campaign types

☐ You want the ability to control your daily advertising budget

☐ You have popular items that need more visibility to begin performing well

Click here to learn more about Promoted Listings Advance.

Promoted LIsting Advanced is still undergoing development and growing to fit the needs of our sellers. There is a group in the eBay Community for sellers to join and share feedback.


To create a Promoted Listing Advance campaign, open Seller Hub > Marketing > Advertising Dashboard > Advance > Create New Campaign.=

Promoted Listing Express

Rounding out our portfolio is Promoted Listings Express, a new way to advertise your auction listings. It lets you boost visibility for your auction-style listings with ads on similar listings’ pages. For one flat fee, your listing receives increased exposure during the auction period to help drive views, bids and sales. Auctions that used Promoted Listings Express got an average of 52% more views when promoted.*


It could previously only be enabled from the eBay app, but this year eBay’s adding more ways for you to opt in through multiple desktop entry points. You'll be able to access this:

  • when creating a new auction listing on desktop (in the classic listing tool)
  • from My eBay Active and Overview on desktop
  • from the quick listing tool


Reporting for Promoted Listings Express is now available on the eBay app and coming soon to desktop. Promoted Listing Express is available to all sellers whose seller level is Above Standard or Top Rated with enough account activity.

Click here to learn more about Promoted Listings Express.


To create a Promoted Listing Express, create or edit your active listing, scroll down and you will find Sell it faster > Promoted Listing Express

 Each unique campaign type in our Promoted Listings portfolio is tailored to help eBay sellers in different ways. To discover what works best for you, test different campaign types. Experimenting and learning is a great way to work towards stronger marketing performance in the future. Visit the Ad Formats page to learn more and get started today!