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Search for item by location

eBay is the world's biggest Online Marketplace with millions of items from all over the world.

Each of eBay's sites will show by default items targeted for each location. You are encouraged to tailor these locations to better suit your needs. Through the location control in the left bar of the Search Results page or through Advanced Search, you can choose from a list of preferred locations that will be maintained throughout your session.

Preferred locations – includes the most common search modes for users.

  • "On eBay Malaysia" – This is the site default search, including all items located in Malaysia or listed on eBay Malaysia.

  • "Malaysia Only" – This search shows only items that are physically located in Malaysia.

  • "Asia" – This search includes all items that are listed on any eBay Southeast Asia sites and available to Asia.

  • "Worldwide" – This search shows all items listed in any language that are available to Malaysia.

Items available to – Seller has indicated that they are willing to post to this country.

Items located in – Seller has indicated that the item is located in this country.

Usually the best way to find more items is to choose Worldwide from the left bar of the Search Results page or through Advanced Search.