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About selling internationally

By offering your items internationally as well as to the United States, you can significantly increase the number of potential buyers you reach, helping you sell more items and command higher prices.

There are three ways that buyers in other countries can see your listings:

  • When you list your item, select international shipping and your listing will be viewable on both the domestic eBay site and the Global Buying Hub.

  • Include your listing on our individual eBay country sites in addition to in the U.S.

  • List your items for sale directly on eBay sites in countries around the world.  For example, to sell in the United Kingdom, you’d list on

You’ll need to meet the selling requirements and pay the fees for each country's site.

If you choose the “international shipping” option and/or offer to make your products available to buyers in other countries, you will be subject to the User Agreement, eBay Buyer Protection Policy and other policies that are applicable to the eBay sites where your items appear. 

Learn more about our eBay Buyer Protection Policies at (Singapore), (Malaysia) or (Philippines).  The eBay Buyer Protection Policy of the site where the buyer buys the product will apply to your transaction. 

Requirements for selling internationally

To make items available to buyers in other countries, you might need to be ID Verified.

Review theProhibited and Restricted Items policy prior to specifying international shipping to familiarize yourself with import and export restrictions. Whenever you sell to buyers in various countries, make sure that you comply with the international trading laws in those countries.

You also need to specify shipping worldwide, or to the individual countries or regions where you’re willing to sell.

Communicating with buyers

Selling to buyers in various countries can mean answering emails at unusual times because of time differences.  

If you don’t speak the same language as a potential buyer, you might want to use translation software to translate key phrases. Some translation services are available for free on the Internet. Many are not 100% accurate, however, and eBay cannot guarantee their services. If you use such a service, provide simple, grammatically correct phrases free of abbreviations to make translations more understandable.


Bids and prices on a listing automatically appear in both the currency you specify and the currency for the site from which the buyer is viewing the item.

Bids and prices on a listing automatically appear in both the currency you specify and the currency that's typically used for the country site on which the buyer is viewing the item. (Note that equivalence is approximate.)

To sell globally, you’ll need to accept PayPal as a method of payment. In most countries, sellers should be PayPal Verified. In Germany and Switzerland, the verification process is PostIdent.

Shipping internationally

We recommend that you specify a shipping carrier and cost because items with this information attract more buyers.  Some considerations when shipping internationally are:

  • Shipping costs: Costs to ship to other countries can vary greatly depending on the distance and shipping methods. Most sellers specify that buyers pay the shipping costs for international sales.

  • Insurance: We recommend that you insure any packages being shipped internationally. Check with your carrier to find out whether they provide automatic coverage.

  • Customs and documentation : All internationally shipped packages must clear customs in the destination country, and you'll need to complete the appropriate customs forms.

Check out our Seller Central for more practical internationally selling tips.

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