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Reducing Transaction Problems – Tips for Sellers

Selling online offers tremendous opportunities for profit. Like any business, it also involves some risk. Although the vast majority of transactions are completed without incident, it's impossible to completely eliminate the risk of fraud, buyer claims (filed with PayPal), or chargebacks (when a customer asks their financial institution to remove a charge from their credit card statement).

As a seller, you can take the following steps to ensure that your experience is successful.

Creating and managing your listing

  • Represent the items you are selling fairly and accurately.

  • Clearly state your return policy in your listing.

  • Respond promptly to buyer questions.

  • Review your buyer's feedback.

  • Use extra caution with unknown or new buyers and unusual bidding activity

Reducing Unpaid Items

eBay's research has shown that following a few simple tips can significantly reduce the frequency of unpaid items

  • Make it easy for your buyers to pay by offering PayPal. Did you know that cross border sellers on eBay who offer PayPal have on average 43% lower Unpaid Item rates than those sellers who do not?

  • Include detailed postage and handling information in the item description as well as the postage details area.

  • Use eBay's Checkout feature to make it simple for buyers to pay you.

After the listing ends

  • Post with a tracking number and insurance. This can help resolve disputes in cases where a buyer claims to have never received an item or received a broken item.

  • Maintain records of postage receipts as proof that the item was posted.

  • Keep copies of any proof of your item's authenticity.

  • Verify payment before posting items (including holding cheques until the cheques clear).

  • Learn to recognise counterfeit cashier’s schemes.

  • Only post items to the verified billing address on the buyer's credit card account (if applicable).

  • Use extra caution with international payments and revised postage information,

If you believe a buyer purchased or attempted to purchase an item with intent to defraud, please review the information on the Receiving Payments page to report the buyer.

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