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Customizing your search results

Customizing your preferences

When you search for an item, your Preferences section appears on the left sidebar below the Refine search section.

You can set your preferences so you find only the listings which interest you. You can search by:

  • Buying format (for example, auction, Buy It Now, and Store inventory)

  • Location (for example, US only, North America, and worldwide)

  • Show only (for example, completed listings and free postage)

  • Distance (from your ZIP code)

Note: To narrow your search according to the item you're looking for (for example, women's jeans, size, and style), see Refining your search.

To select your search preferences:
  1. Search or browse for an item.

  2. At the bottom of the Preferences section, click the Customise preferences link.

  3. Select your preferences and click the Apply changes button.

    These preferences are shown in their respective sections above the Customise preferences link. Each preference section offers more choices within that preference.

  4. To narrow your search further, click the Choose more … link for each section.

When you customise your results, we save your settings. You can change them any time. If you want to remove your preferences, you can restore the default settings or clear all of them. To go back to the original defaults, click Restore defaults. To clear the settings, clear the box next to the option.

Organizing your search view

After you've run a search, you can organise how you'd like see the listings that appear in your search results. 

To get to the search results page, search or browse for an item.

You can:

  • Click the Auctions only tab to see auction listings only. Click the Buy It Now only tab view to fixed price listings only.

  • Use the View as menu to select a different view such as Gallery or Snapshot.

  • Use the Sort by menu to sort by criteria such as time, price, distance, Best Match, and category.

  • Click the Customise view link to display the columns you want to see in each listing, such as picture, title, bids, price, time, and postage cost. Click the Restore defaults link to return to the default settings.

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