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Trust and Safety Tutorials

Welcome to the eBay Trust and Safety Tutorials. The following is a list and description of interactive tutorials to help you comply with eBay policies, trade safely, and increase your overall knowledge of eBay.

eBay acknowledges that certain rules and policies involve complex concepts. In order to help you understand these concepts the tutorials provide:

  • An overview and specific examples

  • A few questions to test your understanding of the subject

  • A summary of key lessons

The goal of each tutorial is to provide you with a better understanding so that you can avoid violating these policies. However, you should not consider the information in these tutorials as legal advice.

Most tutorials have between 7 and 15 questions and take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Tutorial Title What is covered Estimated Time

General Marketplace Rules

  • Why eBay has policies and why these rules make the marketplace a better place to trade.

  • How complying with eBay’s rules makes you a good Community member.

  • Potential consequences for violating eBay policies and how to avoid violating these policies.

  • eBay’s approach to providing every buyer and seller with the same opportunities, protecting intellectual property rights, and administering feedback policies.

40 – 45 minutes

Take the tutorial.


  • The importance of understanding the role of feedback in the eBay Community.

  • How to use eBay’s feedback system.

  • How to communicate with your trading partner before leaving feedback.

5 – 10 minutes

Take the tutorial.

Search and Browse Manipulation

  • What eBay considers Search and Browse Manipulation.

  • Why eBay wants to make sure members can find the items they want when they search and browse listings.

  • How you can avoid listing items that would violate these policies.

10 – 15 minutes

Take the tutorial.

Intellectual Property / VeRO

  • How to identify intellectual property.

  • How to help protect the rights of intellectual property owners.

  • How to avoid having your listings removed because they infringe on third party intellectual property.

10 – 15 minutes

Take this tutorial.

Shill Bidding

  • What eBay considers Shill Bidding.

  • How Shill Bidding harms other members.

  • What could happen as a result of violating eBay’s Shill Bidding policy.

  • How to avoid violating the Shill Bidding policy.

15 – 20 minutes

Take this tutorial.

In addition to these tutorials about eBay’s rules and policies, you can also:

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