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Firearms, weapons, and knives policy

Policy overview

Most weapons can't be listed on eBay because of strict laws banning the sale of these items. To safeguard the community, we may also ban other related items that are legal to sell outside of eBay.

Listings of permitted weapons must comply with the Arms Act 1960, Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958 and Explosives Act 1957. It is an offence for any person to sell or offer for sale any of the weapons listed in the Second Schedule of the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958.  In addition, listings must follow our guidelines as well as meet the following requirements:

  • The seller is located in Malaysia;

  • The buyer is located in Malaysia;

  • The item is also in Malaysia;

  • Both the seller and buyer are licensed to purchase and possess the permitted item (if necessary under local laws); and

  • The seller offers only domestic shipping for the item, since international shipping would make the item available in countries where it might be prohibited.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?

Live ammunition and ammunition components can't be listed.



  • Snap caps

  • Reloading equipment, including items such as dies and moulds



  • .Empty ammunition boxes. The listing needs to say that the item doesn't contain ammunition

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Blank, dummy, live or inert ammunition

  • Bullets

  • Cartridges

  • Casings

  • Gunpowder

  • Hulls

  • Primer

  • Shells

  • Magazines

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Air rifles, air guns or air pistols

  • Airsoft rifles or Airsoft guns

  • Any frame or receiver for a BB gun or air rifle

  • BB guns

  • Pellet guns

  • Paintball guns

  • Black powder guns

  • Muzzle-loader guns

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Equipment and supplies issued to and formerly used by the Malaysian Army

  • Ordnance, military weaponry (such as grenades and landmines), ammunition and related parts, and most military vehicles including aircraft and ships, even if it has been made 'unserviceable' or has been 'de-militarised' or 'de-milled'

  • Articles or services specifically designed, developed, configured, adapted or modified for a military application

  • Night vision goggles, body armour, technical data manuals, gas masks and protective clothing which have significant military or intelligence applicability

  • Metal replica hand grenades

  • Atom or nuclear weapons

  • Explosives

  • Flamethrowers

  • Missiles, rockets or launchers

Actual firearms can't be listed on eBay. Some accessories for firearms are okay to sell, but only under certain conditions. See the list below for more details.



  • Magazine holders

  • Bulletproof vests / flak jackets



  • Accessories for guns such as butt plates, cleaning supplies, holsters, pistol grips, racks, scopes, slings, stocks, storage cases or trigger guards. The listing must include a description of the type of firearm the accessory or part is used for. If it doesn't, the listing may be removed

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Firearms regardless of their ability to fire, how old they are, or their status as collectables, curio & relic, signalling pistols, and antique firearms

  • Any item that is designed to discharge any shot, bullet or other missile

  • Gun parts, including, but not limited to:

    • Barrels

    • Choke tubes

    • Cylinders

    • Firing pins

    • Frames, including grip frames

    • Magazines, regardless of capacity

    • Receivers, including parts, upper or lower, cut, or 80 per cent receivers

    • Slides

    • Trigger assemblies

  • Any listing for a firearm accessory which contains a picture of the firearm itself

  • Converters (items that can be used to give a firearm automatic firing capability)

  • Firearm kits that are used to create a firearm

  • Flash suppressors

  • Reloading presses and equipment

  • Sears

  • Silencers

  • Zip guns

Replica or imitation firearms cannot be listed.



  • Miniature gun lighters or miniature toy guns for action figures, unless they appear to be full size

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Any listing for a firearm accessory which contains a picture of the firearm itself

  • Cap guns

  • Replica firearms

  • Replica blaster kits

Some hand-to-hand combat weapons and martial arts weapons can't be listed. See the list below, as well as the Knives section, for more details.



  • Instruction or training manuals on how to use hand weapons

  • Wii Nunchuk controllers for the Nintendo Wii



  • Training or practice batons, night sticks, nunchakus, or tonfas that are produced and identified as a children's toy

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Any offensive weapon as defined by relevant law, including but not limited to kung fu sticks or nunchakus

  • Side-handled baton, extendable or telescopic baton

  • Knuckle-dusters

  • Sap or studded gloves

  • Whips entirely or partly comprised of any metal, or that consist of any number of knotted lashes (including whips known as "cat-o'-nine-tails")

  • Hunting slings or catapults

  • Any flail, mace or any article that consists of a club or staff fitted with a flanged or spiked head

  • Any instrument, device or equipment that operates by battery or electricity or any form or power, including patrolites, stun guns, control clubs or tasers

  • Slingshots

  • Brass or other metal knuckles

  • Leaded canes/staffs/crutches/sticks

  • Zip guns

  • Shurikens

  • Hand grenades or metal replica hand grenades

  • Throwing stars

  • Billy clubs/batons

  • Sandclubs

  • Sandbags

  • Any whip manufactured from bicycle or motor cycle chains or from any similar kinds of chainwork or slungshots (also known as saps or blackjacks)

Knives are generally permitted to be listed on eBay, subject to the exceptions outlined below.

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Any push dagger or any other device that consists of a single-edged or multi-edged blade or spike that has a handle fitted transversely to the blade or spike and allows the blade or spike to be supported by the palm of the hand

  • Any trench knife or any other device that consists of a single-edged or multi-edged blade or spike that is fitted with a handle made of any hard substance that can be fitted over the knuckles of the hand of the user

  • Any flick knife (or other similar device) that has a blade which opens automatically by gravity or centrifugal force or by any pressure applied to a button, spring or device in or attached to the handle of the knife

  • A ballistic knife that propels a knife-like blade of any material by any means other than an explosive

  • A knife that has a blade cover which withdraws into its handle by gravity or centrifugal force or through pressure being applied to a button, spring or device attached to or forming part of the knife

  • A butterfly knife or "balisong" or any other device that consists of a single-edged or multi-edged blade or spike that fits within 2 handles attached to the blade or spike by transverse pivot pins and is capable of being opened by gravity or centrifugal force

  • A star knife or any other device that consists of a number of angular points, blades or spikes disposed outwardly about a central axis point and that are designed to spin around the central axis point in flight when thrown at a target

  • Any knife-like instrument with three sharp edges and a sharp pointed tip, sometimes known as a "bearing-scraper"

  • Belt buckle knives, lipstick case knives, air gauge knives, handwriting pen knives

  • Any sword, kris, parang or other knife which on any part of it is written, embossed, inscribed with or which otherwise bears any verse, word or character connected with or relating to any religion or belief

  • Any sword or parang which is normally meant to be used as a weapon and not as an agricultural implement or household or garden tool

  • A walking stick or cane that contains a sword or any other single-edged or multi-edged blade or spike

  • Any article or device that disguises and conceals within it, a single-edged or multi-edged blade or spike of any length or of any material



  • Sporting archery equipment such as bows and arrows

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Items, regardless of category, that are described as a weapon without a clear indication in the item title of what the actual product is

  • Anti-personnel devices including any acoustic, spray or light-emitting device that is designed to cause incapacitation or disorientation, including tear gas or pepper sprays

  • Blow guns and blowpipes, including darts used with these

  • Crossbows

  • Dart guns

  • Flares, flare guns, flare launchers or receivers for flare guns

  • Handcuffs other than antique handcuffs, or children's toy handcuffs

  • Potato guns such as bazookas, cannons or launchers

  • In Malaysia, it is an offence to manufacture, possess, transfer, import and export unmarked plastic explosives, poisonous or noxious gas or noxious substance, etc. Further, it is an offence to possess, import, export or manufacture any gun, arms, explosives, poisonous or noxious gas or noxious substance, without a licence. For more information, please see the Arms Act 1960 and Explosives Act 1957, including the definitions of "Arms" and “Explosives".

  • Unlawful possession of or trafficking of any arm or ammunition is an offence in Malaysia, as per the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971, Arms Act 1960 and Explosives Act 1957.

For safety concerns and in order to follow laws and regulations, we restrict the kinds of weapons and accessories that can be sold on eBay. Be sure to follow all laws and regulations—as well as eBay policies—before buying or selling these items.

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