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eBay does not allow the use of profanity or patently vulgar language in a public area of the site. This includes the use of language that is racist, hateful, sexual or obscene in nature.

This policy extends to text within listings, on About Me pages, eBay Store pages, discussion and chat boards and all other areas of the site that another member may view. If the profane words are part of a title for the item being sold, we allow sellers to 'blurb' out the bulk of the offending word with asterisks (i.e., s*** or f***).

We make allowances for certain items listed on the core site that may contain profane words that are a part of the title. Sellers must carefully review the ‘Some Examples’ and ‘Additional Information’ sections below before listing and adhere to all the policies outlined.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing cancellation

  • Loss of eBay fees

  • Limits placed on account privileges

  • Loss of PowerSeller status

  • Account suspension

An example of an acceptable item might be a music CD with profanity in some of the song titles.

Please keep in mind that all other use of profanity in describing an item, except what is mentioned above, is not permitted. It is an offence under Malaysian law to post any content which is indecent, obscene, false, menacing, or offensive in character with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any person. All contents must be in compliance with the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998, Content Code and Advertising Code or other voluntary codes registered with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission from time to time.

If a feedback comment contains profanity, please review our feedback removal policy and submit a request for removal.

Please report any violations of this policy to the correct area for review:

If a feedback comment contains profanity, please review our feedback removal policy and submit a request for removal.

eBay is a community, and members of a community must respect each other as human beings. Listings, feedback, or posts in other public areas of the site that promote hate, violence or racial intolerance (or organisations dedicated to such notions) or contain profanity have no place in a true community. Since eBay is a place to trade, do business, and have fun with each other, it will not become a platform for profanity or for those who promote hatred toward their fellow men.

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