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Following members

To save time and find inspiration, follow your favorite members. It's helpful to follow a member if you:

  • Find a seller you like buying from

  • Find a seller who lists brands and products you like, and whose interests or collections you like

  • Want to get email updates about current or future listings from a seller

  • Want to quickly find listings offered by a seller

Following a member

To follow a member:
  1. Click a member's user ID to go to their profile.

  2. In the member's profile, click the Follow button under the member's user ID.

You can also follow a member directly from a listing by clicking Follow this seller in the Seller information section.

When you follow a member, their listings and items from their collections will appear in your feed. You can follow a combined total of up to 100 members and searches at a time.

Managing members you follow

To see members you follow and make changes:
  1. In the left navigation on your My eBay home page, click Sellers you follow.

  2. You can choose to unfollow a seller, or you can add a note to a seller you are following.

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