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How to tell if an email is really from eBay

If you receive an email that appears to be from eBay that requests sensitive personal information, be cautious. The email may be a "spoof" or "phishing" email. The people who send these fake emails hope that unsuspecting recipients will reply or click on a link contained in the email and then provide confidential information including passwords, social security numbers, or credit card numbers.

Checking for legitimate eBay messages

The easiest way to verify whether an email is from us is to check your eBay messages. If we really sent the message, a copy of it will appear in the Messages area of My eBay when you sign into your eBay account.

To check your eBay messages:
  1. Go to and sign into your account.

  2. Click My eBay at the top of the page and click the Messages tab.

Characteristics of spoof (fake) email

Spoof emails often include the eBay logo and a fake eBay address in the "From" line (for example, "From:") The email might mimic common eBay emails, such as notifications of problems with your account, or "Ask a question" emails.

However, just because an email uses eBay terms or includes the eBay logo, doesn't mean it's really from us. Pay attention to signs that the email might be a spoof.

Typical spoof (fake) email

Legitimate eBay email

Spoof emails often ask for confidential information.

For example, "Please update your credit card number."

We won't ask you to provide confidential information by email.

Any links in the email are provided for convenience only. If a direct link is provided to an eBay page, you won't be required to submit confidential information.

Spoof emails often have an urgent tone for quick action.

For example, "Ignoring this message will result in a suspension of your account within 24 hours."

Our emails never include threats.

Spoof emails might contain attachments.

Our emails never include attachments. If you receive a message with an attachment, don't open it.

Spoof emails often include a generic greeting.

For example, "Attention eBay member."

Our email greetings typically contain the first and last name you registered on your eBay account, and your eBay user ID.

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