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About the eBay Answer Centre

You can get quick help from other eBay members by using the eBay Answer Centre. Designed for fast questions and answers rather than discussion, the Answer Centre is a member-to-member forum where eBay members can ask questions, give or receive answers, and share information about eBay.

Note: Anyone can browse the eBay Answer Centre to read questions and answers. However, to post a new question or reply to an existing one, you must be a registered eBay member.

To use the Answer Centre:

Tip: Before posting, please read the eBay Board Usage Policies.

  1. Click Answer Center in the drop-down menu under Community at the top of most eBay pages.

  2. To see if someone has asked the same question that you have, scroll through the questions or enter keywords related to your question in the search box and click Search. You'll see the Advanced Search page where, if you want to, you can add more details to your search.

To ask a question:
  1. Sign in to eBay.

  2. Click Answer Center in the drop-down menu under Community at the top of most eBay pages.

  3. Under List of Questions, click the “Ask New Question” link.

  4. Type your question in the Question Title box. You can explain it further in the Question Description box.

  5. To spell check your question, click the ABC icon button.

  6. To receive an email alert when someone responds to your question, select the “Watch this question” check box.

  7. To see how your question will look when it's posted, click the Preview button. To make changes, click the Edit button.

  8. To post the question, click the Post Message button.

Tip: Don't forget to bookmark the page in your Web browser.

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