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eBay acronyms

Here are common abbreviations you’ll find in listings. If there's an acronym in a listing that you can't find here, or if the meaning is still not clear, contact the seller to find out the meaning of the term.


B&W: black and white

BC: back cover (usually used as a description for books)

BIN: Buy It Now

CIP: customer initiated payment

DOA: dead on arrival (an item that doesn't work or is broken when it's received)

DSRdetailed seller rating (additional Feedback ratings buyers can give sellers)

EST: Eastern Standard Time

EUC: excellent used condition


FAQ: frequently asked questions (a list of questions with answers.)

FB: Feedback

FC: fine condition

FOB: freight on board (usually means something has shipped)

FS: full screen (usually applied to a DVD or video format)

FVF: final value fee

G: good condition

GBP: Great Britain pounds

GU: gently used (item that has been used but shows little wear, accompanied by explanation of wear)

HP: home page

HTF: hard to find

HTML: hypertext markup language (the language used to create web pages)

IE: Internet Explorer

IM: instant messaging

INIT: initials

ISP: Internet service provider (a company that gives you access to the Internet)


JPG: JPEG (preferred file format for pictures on eBay, pronounced "jay-peg")

LTBX: letterbox (video format that recreates a widescreen image)

LTD: limited edition

MNT: mint or in perfect condition (a subjective term that doesn't necessarily mean new)

MIB: mint in box

MIJ: made in Japan

MIMB: mint in mint box

MIMP: mint in mint package

MIP: mint in package

MNB: mint no box

MOC: mint on card

MOMC: mint on mint card

MONMC: mint on near mint card

MWBT: mint with both tags

MWMT: mint with mint tags


NARU: not a registered user (also a suspended user)

NBW: never been worn

NC: no cover

NIB: new in box

NM: near mint

NOS: new old stock

NR: no reserve price (for an auction-style listing)

NRFB: never removed from box

NWT: new with tags

NWOB: new without box

NWOT: new without original tags

OEM: original equipment manufacturer

OOP: out of print

PST: Pacific Standard Time


RET: retired

SCR: scratch

S/O: sold out

Sig: signature

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