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iLuv Case/Cover for iPhone 6

Luv at First Sight: iLuv Cases and Covers for your iPhone 6

Cases arent just protective, theyre expressive. iLuv cases and covers for iPhone 6 phones are available in a variety of different colors and finishes. They come in a range of types like wallet, shockproof covers, hardshell protective cases, dual layer cases, ultra-thin cases, and skin covers so that your cover can be tailored to your needs.

What colors and finishes are available?

The iLuv cases and covers from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S phones come in a variety of different colors and finishes, including black, blue, clear, pink, purple, white, gold, and yellow. Finish options include gloss, matte, patterns, picture, plain, and transparent looks. Glossy cases from iLuv offer some shine and can be solid colors like black or gold, or they can be a combination of colors. Matte iPhone cases are much the same, except for the shine. Patterns and prints are available in all-over designs or in pictorial cases, which display a large image that doesnt repeat across the back of the case, like a scene. Plain cases are typically one color, while transparent cases may be tinted with a color but allow you to see straight through the case to the phone.

What types of iLuv cases exist?

The cases from iLuv exist in fitted and wallet options. Fitted cases are like skins. They sit very close to the device and are often made from rubbery materials that can flex and move. Wallet cases from iLuv typically offer a flap over the front of the phone that opens so that you can use it. The back of the phone sits in the case, surrounded on the back side and around the edges. Some wallet cases are envelope style: the front flap closes and wraps around the back of the case. You might use a wallet case rather than a full purse or bag for a night out.

What features are options?

Possible features include card pockets, lightweight materials, screen protectors, shock-proofing, and water-resistance. Card pockets accommodate IDs, credit cards, and business cards. Lightweight materials exist to add as little bulk as possible to the case. Screen protectors from iLuv cover the front of the device for clear, unobtrusive layers of protection. They can also hold a screen together if it cracks, rather than letting it shatter. Shock-proofing inside a case absorbs impact from falling or dropping. Water resistance allows a certain amount of protection from moisture.

Which materials are utilized in iLuv cases?

The iLuv iPhone cases are made from materials like leather, rigid plastic, silicone, gel, rubber, and vinyl. The iPhone cases should always be removed from the device before cleaning. They should be allowed to dry completely before being replaced onto the device.

  • Leather: This material can be conditioned periodically to guard against stains and spills.
  • Rigid plastic and vinyl: These can be wiped down easily with a damp, clean cloth to remove dust and debris.
  • Silicone, gel, and rubber: These can be cared for the same way, and can be washed with warm water and soap if desired.
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