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adidas Supernova Sneakers for Men

adidas Supernova Athletic Shoes for Men

The adidas Supernova athletic shoes for men utilize different technologies for cushioning and supporting different areas of the foot. Whether you typically overpronate, underpronate, or neither, there are adidas Supernova styles available to help. Available in many colors, adidas Supernovas can coordinate with a variety of running attire.

What colors and styles do adidas running shoes come in?

Many styles of athletic running shoes for men are available in colors like black, white, gray, blue, and red. Styles of Supernova running shoes are categorized based on their support for overpronating, underpronating, or neutral tendency while running. This has to do with the position of your foot while you run.

Supernova ST running shoes are built for a neutral running stride. The running shoes are sectioned into toe, midsole, and heel, with different methods of cushioning and support for each. The heel of the sneaker features foam-enhanced padding to mold to the runner’s foot and to allow optimal movement of the Achilles tendon.

Supernova running shoes involve Boost technology in the midsole that releases energy from each foot strike to maximize running efficiency. The Torsion system between the heel and the forefoot provides extra stability. A slightly lifted toe of the sole provides traction all the way through heel-to-toe foot strikes.

What materials are used for adidas athletic shoes for men?

Materials like rubber, synthetic blends, gel, and foam are combined to create these athletic shoes. Specific materials depend on the particular sneaker model. With these materials, it’s easy to clean these Adidas men’s shoes. First, utilize a dry brush to remove excess dirt and grime from the shoes. Then, use warm water and gentle detergent or soap to remove stains and spots. Be sure to let your shoes air dry.

What sizes are available in Supernova adidas athletic shoes?

Most adidas athletic shoes are available in United States men’s sizes 6 1/2 through 15 although some styles may be available in smaller sizes. If you have an unusual shoe size, there may be some specialty sizes available in certain styles as well.

What is some of the history behind the Adidas company?

The adidas company was started after a disagreement between two brothers who went on to start flourishing rival athletic companies. Through the years, adidas became a leading athletic apparel and footwear company. With a flair for building clothing and shoes for runners, adidas developed the Supernova model of sneaker.

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