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Women's Vintage Bras

Womens Vintage Bras

Vintage lingerie can allow a woman to step back in time with classic lines that add a sense of history. The bullet bras and cone bras of the past give a woman a unique profile that is visible even through clothes. Whether you love vintage or you know someone who does, these lingerie options have stood the test of time.

What are vintage bras?

Vintage lingerie may be as old as the 1950s, or it may have been produced after that decade. It may also go back to the late 1800s. However, vintage simply means that a bra has a classic style no matter when the bra was made.

How can you find the right bra?

It can be tricky to find a bra that fits both the wearer and her sense of fashion. Here are some key features to look for.

  • Size: In order to verify bra band size, measure the womans torso beneath the breasts, add two, and round up. For example, a 29- or 30-inch torso means the bra size is 32. For cup size, measure the womans torso around the breasts, and for every inch over the band size, add a letter. For example, 30 inches beneath and 31 inches over is cup A, 30 inches beneath and 32 inches over is B, and so on. Note that not all vintage bras include cup sizes.
  • Material: Depending on the age of the bra, materials usually include stretchy nylon and cotton fiber shell. Older bras may pre-date nylon but often contain silk or moleskin for a smooth, sheer feel.
  • Style: The main reason to choose vintage is for fashions such as bullet bras that are available from former eras. Find a vintage look that appeals to you.
What are cone bras?

Hailing from the 1950s era, vintage cone bras get their name from their cone-like shape. This vintage shape creates a profile that you can see through clothes. This form of lingerie makes a womans breasts look perky and large. Musical performer and fashion icon Madonna famously used large cone bras as outer garments in some of her shows.

What are bullet bras?

Descended from the 1950s era cone bra, vintage bullet bras give a firm edge to the breast and nipples. Bullet bras get their name from the firm but rounded front that resembles the front of a bullet. Some vintage bullet bras come with padding included because the pointed outline does not always match the natural shape of a womans bosom. If your bullet bra does not come with padding, you can always buy bullet bra padding separately.