Women's Casual Dresses

Women’s casual dresses come in all different textiles, prints, and silhouettes. Knowing how to style different designs can make them versatile for any season or type of weather. Playing with the scale of patterns can help you decide which sizes you like before you commit to a specific print.

What styles of dresses are available?

All sorts of women’s casual dress styles are available, including bandage, bodycon, fit and flare, floral, sweater dresses, maxi dresses, and sheath dresses. The length, waistline, and material of a dress determine the piece’s silhouette and whether it is suited for casual wear. Generally, cottons, linens, spandex, and synthetic blends are all suited to casual occasions. Shorter cuts may also be geared toward casual wear.

How do you style a wrap dress?

Wrap dresses are extremely versatile. The fact that they gather at the natural waist creates an hourglass silhouette instantly, regardless of body type. These dresses can be worn to any sort of casual event regardless of pattern or color. Wear your wrap dress with tights and boots in the cooler months. Add a scarf as opposed to a necklace, and keep earrings to studs. Dress down with a loose ponytail or beachy waves. In warmer months, pair it with sandals and hoop earrings.

Which patterns flatter specific body types?

Generally, pattern scale should suit someone’s body type. A petite individual can pull off a tiny microprint while someone taller might rock a large-scale paisley. Try experimenting with sizes of prints rather than prints themselves to see which scale you favor. Then, select your favorite colors and patterns within your preferred size range.

How do you use belts with casual dresses?

Belts can be situated at the natural waist or slung lower on the hips to create different effects. Dresses can be pulled over a belt to blouse them for a little added volume. Any sort of chunky or skinny belt can work with a dress. Try a fabric belt or a ribbon instead of a traditional style with a buckle. Mixing patterns is also an option between belts and dresses for individualization.

How do you wear a maxi dress in cooler weather?

Maxi dresses are traditionally styled in the summer or spring. Conversely, they can be great options in fall or winter as well. Try layering a long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless maxi dress for a layered look. Add a vest on top of both as a final touch. You can also wear different cardigans over maxi dresses for warmth and added texture. Try belting over the sweater to create a defined waistline over chunkier fabrics. Tights or leggings can easily be worn under maxi dresses for warmth and style. Pair with boots, flats, or heels to see which you prefer. If your maxi dress is dragging on the floor slightly, you might consider a shoe with a stacked heel for both support and a little extra height.