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Wireless Rear Speaker Kit

Enjoy High Quality Audio With a Wireless Rear Speaker Kit

Whether you are gearing up for a cozy family movie night or have your buddies coming over to watch the biggest game of the year, having high-quality audio from your surround sound home theater without all the mess of tangled wires is a must. Easily find the wireless rear speaker kit for you on the vast catalog available on eBay. Here is some basic information to help you choose just the right kit.

What power source is used for wireless rear speaker kits?

When choosing a wireless rear speaker kit for home theater set-up, you want to consider the right power source option for you. When it comes to wireless rear speaker kits, wireless doesnt always stand up to the full meaning that the name wireless implies. For a speaker to properly function it needs a transmitter, a receiver, and a power source. The transmitter sends the music or movie soundtrack audio signal to the receiver. For the receiver to convert the audio signal into the amplifier so it can be heard, the receiver needs power. As of yet, power cannot be transmitted wirelessly, causing wireless rear speakers to either be battery operated or attached to an AC power source. While battery-operated wireless rear speaker kits give you the convenience of being able to position them virtually anywhere within range of the transmitter signal, they do have a lower capacity for audio power than the AC options.

What are wireless rear speaker kits compatible with?

Wireless rear speaker kits are used to boost the audio quality of your music and movies. Universal kits are available that have a wider variety of compatibility options compared to standard brand kits. Check the manufacturers instructions for specific compatibility requirements of each kit before purchase. Wireless rear speaker kits can be connected to the following:

  • Home theater systems: Listen to theater quality sounds in the privacy of your home.
  • Soundbars: Easily connect to your existing soundbar set-up.
  • Stereos: Amplify music so everyone at the party can hear.
What is the standard range of wireless rear speakers?

Most of the wireless rear speaker kits provide a strong signal for clear audio quality up to a 100-foot range from the transmitter location. This extended signal range allows for speakers to be placed in a variety of convenient locations. With multiple placement options you can easily place your wireless rear speakers on a tabletop, behind a couch, or even mounted on your wall.