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Wing Tip Dress Shoes for Men

Wing Tip Dress & Formal Shoes for Men

Although the brogue was once considered a rough, outdoor shoe at its inception, it has long since moved away from that category. Wingtip brogue dress shoes are a fashionable choice for any gentleman in the professional world. A wingtip shoe is a somewhat generic term for a type of footwear for men.

What is a Brogue Wingtip?

Wingtipped brogues refer to shoes that are crafted out of leather and have decorative piping along the sides of the footwear and intentional perforations in the toe cap to provide a classic, appealing aesthetic. Most wingtips are brogued but there are a few exceptions, and the "wings" of many brogues start at the extended toe and go all the way to the rear for the full effect. They are usually considered somewhat less formal than their cousin, the Oxford.

What occasions can you wear Wingtip shoes for?

This type of shoe is great in terms of versatility as its neither casual nor formal in nature. This means that there is a wide range of dress and style options from which you can choose when wingtips are the shoes you want. Note that they arent necessarily appropriate for highly formal functions or melancholy occasions such as funerals. However, wingtips are great for a variety of things, including:

  • Sport coats: Sports coats are essentially the outerwear equivalent of the wingtip since they are also widely considered to be a coat that is firmly in between dress shoes and casual. If part of your daily outfit consists of a nice sports coat, these shoes are the answer to your footwear question.
  • Suits and slacks: Wingtips can accompany a suit and slacks ensemble in any business-casual setting. Many offices are going for business casual all week or at least during part of the week, so this suit and shoe combination can be a great fit in an office environment.
  • Button-down shirts with casual trousers: Even if your style of dress shoes edges more toward the casual than the formal, a good pair of wingtips can help make the look complete. With the differences in their decorative piping on the sides and holes in the front, they accent the semi-casual nature of a high-collar shirt sans jacket or tie with evident grace and appeal.
Which style is right for dressing up?

Although this type of shoe is not generally considered highly formal in nature and style, if wingtips are what you want you can still choose a pair that is acceptable in a more business-oriented setting. Wingtips with a greater number of decorative holes in the front and a larger size of wings on the sides are considered somewhat less formal than other styles. For high-end settings, you should choose shoes that have fewer holes and a slimmer profile of wing on the sides. Black is certainly a bit dressier than other colors such as brown, too, so choose a black shoe with only a few holes and narrow wings for better results in any formal, on-the-clock setting.