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BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Windshields

When BMW first placed the BMW R1200GS motorcycle on the market in 2004, they could not view the diverse purposes to which the bike would be put. Because of that diverse use, BMW viewed a demand for new and varied windscreens creating an aftermarket that offered many different designs for motorcycle occupant comfort. With a wide selection of BMW R1200GS motorcycle windshields, you can find what you need.

What types of BMW windscreen are there?

Track motorcycle enthusiasts quickly adapted the BMW stock windshield designed for motorcycle comfort and increased view on the BMW R1200GS to enhance air-flow deflection. Where the feel of the breeze was important for the early BMW road-rider on the R1200GS, such was not the purpose of windscreens when racing motorcycles. On the road, Adventure enthusiasts also suggested and adopted changes to the windshield. Motorcycle owners in rainy climates requested more protection from the elements. Adventure enthusiasts in arid areas requested a shorter windscreen to enhance the “feel” of the ride. The aftermarket quickly supplied what the items requested.

How do you change out a windshield?

All windscreen replacements for the BMW R1200GS or the Adventure are patterned with appropriate holes to attach to the frames or handlebars. Removing one windshield and replacing it with another of a different design does not require new drilling for frame connections. Indeed, aftermarket engineers designed the new windscreen to be “direct fits”. BMW produced the R1200GS and the Adventure with adaptable traits. Thus, adapting your R1200GS from touring to track, or vice-versa, is not a terrible ordeal.

How do you choose a windshield?

On a product like the BMW R1200GS or in the Adventure series, the purpose for which you are planning to use your bike determines the windshield. The height, width, and slant of your windshield determine how the bike confronts and handles air-flow. Consider the points below when making your decision:

  • If you are running your bike on a track, your purpose is to deflect air from your body to enhance air-flow. If you are touring, you may prefer to get a whiff of the area as a breeze flows over your body.
  • Your height may also determine your choice of windshield. A short windshield designed to deflect wind from a short rider will not perform the same task for a tall rider.
  • Your preference for riding may be variable. In that case, you would prefer a quick-release type of windshield instead of a fixed model.
When should motorcycle windshields be replaced

Other than the issue of variable usage for your BMW R1200GS or the Adventure, you should always check the parts on your windshield for cracks or chips. The mounts are the weak point of the windscreen, and any cracks there can be catastrophic. Discoloration indicates a possible chemical breakdown of the windshield.