GMC Sierra 1500 Wheel Lugs

The GMC Sierra 1500 pickup has been used for work and play since 1988. If you are restoring an older truck or adding some style to a later model, you may want a new set of lug nuts. Wheel lugs are available for all production years of the Sierra 1500 in colors and finishes to give your truck just the right look.

What is the bolt pattern of the GMC Sierra 1500?

If your Sierra was manufactured from 1988 to 1998, it may have a bolt pattern of either 5 by 127 or 6 by139.7. All trucks after 1999 have the 6 by 139.7 pattern. The first number of the bolt pattern tells you how many lug nuts are on each wheel. The second number is the diameter, in millimeters, of the circle the lugs form when they are mounted on the rims.

What features affect the fit of lug nuts?
  • Thread size and pitch: The thread size and pitch of the nut you use must match the size and pitch of the wheel studs. Model years of the GMC Sierra 1500 from 1988 through 1998 and from 2007 forward have bolts with a thread size and pitch of 14 by 1.5. From 1999 to 2006, the threads may be either 14 by 1.5 or 12 by 1.5, depending on the model. The first number is the diameter of the wheel stud in millimeters. The second number tells you how far apart the threads are along the bolt, also in millimeters.
  • Seat type: The Sierra uses a nut with a conical seat. Sometimes it is described as a conical acorn type. The seat is the part of the nut that is against the wheel. If you are buying new rims, you may need lugs with a different seat type.
  • Dimensions: There are some aspects of the length and diameter of lug nuts that are determined by the wheel and other aspects that are a matter of choice. If your rims have hubcaps that cover the lug nuts, you will need short, or “under-hub,â€_x009d_ nuts. Otherwise, you can choose longer lug nuts or extreme spiked styles.

Some rims have narrow openings for the lug nuts to fit through and require a style called spline drive. This type of nut requires a special, thin socket to tighten and remove them.

What are the optional features of wheel nuts?
  • Color and finish: If you are dressing up your Sierra 1500 with new rims, you can find lug nuts to coordinate. Silver, chrome, and black finishes are available. If you want a little more color, red, blue, gold, and other options will give the truck some flash.
  • Wheel locks: Locking lug nuts will help keep your rims on your GMC truck. They deter theft by requiring a unique key for removal. You only need one wheel lock per rim, so they are usually sold in sets of four with one key.