Wheel Center Caps for Toyota RAV4

Wheel Center Caps for Toyota RAV4

Toyotas compact SUV, the RAV4, is regarded as the first crossover compact sports utility vehicle, introduced in 1994. The type of wheel center cap necessary to protect the wheel hub of the RAV4 depends on the year, trim, and wheel size of the Toyota vehicle. With four generations after its introduction in the mid-90s, the RAV4 has many options for wheel styles and center caps and customization.

Are there Toyota logo wheel center caps for RAV4?

Toyotas overlapping ellipse logo, which is intended to represent the unity of the auto makers heart with the hearts of American drivers, was introduced in 1990. The RAV4 does have a number of options for Toyota logo wheel center caps, sometimes referred to as wheel covers. Direct replacement wheel center caps are available as OEM or genuine Toyota parts. Center caps with embossed, enamel, and chrome Toyota logos are available for every year and trim of the compact crossover Toyota SUV.

What are RAV4 wheel center hubcaps?

Toyota RAV4 wheel center hubcaps are the same replacement accessories as wheel center caps or center caps. The type of replacement cover necessary for the car should be matched to Toyota RAV4 wheel rim size, the number of lugs, and the vehicle model year and trim. A wheel center hubcap for the SUV will shield the center wheel hub, not the entire wheel area. Models like the Prius, Tundra or Sequoia may rely on different caps, so its important to check specifications before buying.

What are OEM RAV4 Toyota wheel center caps?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) make accessories that meet exact Toyota RAV4 standards. Toyota factory parts for center caps are direct replacements for original vehicle equipment and will be marked "genuine Toyota part." A piece of original equipment manufacturer-supplied replacement equipment may look different from the original equipment and can offer options for customized logos, special finishes like added chrome or brushed steel, or Toyota RAV4 logo variations.

Are there TRD wheel center caps for RAV4 available?

Toyota RAV4 owners may choose from a wide selection of Toyota Racing Division (TRD) wheel center caps for their sports utility vehicle. Etched and embossed TRD off-road center caps are available as well as TRD logo stickers that will adhere to plain steel wheel center caps. Five- and six-lug off-road racing center caps in black, chrome, steel, and alloy will fit several editions of Toyota RAV4 and sport or off-road trim.

Can Toyota RAV4 owners get a single wheel center cap?

Toyota RAV4s that are missing just one wheel center cap or have a damaged center cap needing replacement have a number of options. Because wheel center caps protect the cars hub and internal brake and wheel parts from mud, road dirt, and rocks, even one damaged or missing cap should be replaced. Single Toyota center caps are available, and replacement wheel center caps are also available as single items. Toyota RAV4 owners may also purchase sets of two, four, or eight wheel center caps for multiple vehicles.