Nissan Frontier Wheel Center Caps

If you have lost a wheel center cap due to rough roads or by bumping a tire against the curb on your Nissan Frontier, there are OEM or aftermarket replacements for easy replacement. If your center caps are damaged, you may want a new set of four to keep your Nissan Frontier looking sharp.

What is the purpose of Nissan Frontier’s wheel center caps?

The small plastic caps in the center of the Nissan Frontier wheels may seem purely decorative. That is one of their functions. They finish off the rims and display the brand name of the truck.

The wheel center caps do have a serious job, though. They help protect the hub nut and the wheel bearings from all the grime that gets kicked up from the road. This helps reduce corrosion and wear.

How do you know which Frontier center caps will fit?

Nissan has made at least three styles of center caps over the years for the Frontier. Which one you need will depend on your truck’s year of manufacture and trim pattern.

The easiest way to be sure you get the right part is to work from the part number. You can find this number on the back of the center caps. Pop one off your Nissan Frontier, get the number, and keep it to find a match.

What center cap styles are available for the Nissan Frontier?

Keep in mind that some Frontier models use closed caps for the rear wheels and open caps for the front. Nissan Frontiers with factory steel wheels may also use different caps than those that came with alloy wheels. OEM cap styles include the following:

  • 1998 - 2002: Nissan Frontiers manufactured during these model years have round, knurled center caps. They are silver in color and may have either silver or black centers on the face of the caps. The Nissan emblem that is in the center of the cap may be silver or chrome.
  • 2001 - 2004: Nissan changed the style a bit in 2001. These center caps are star-shaped, with six short, blunt arms. They are five inches in diameter and silver in color.
  • 2005 - 2018, steel wheels: The factory steel wheels require 6.5-inch center caps. They are essentially a star-shaped cap on a wide, flat base. The base has six holes around the edge for the lug nuts to pass through.
  • 2005 - 2018, alloy wheels: Nissan moved to a 2.75-inch cap for the alloy wheels in 2005. The caps are flat with a raised emblem in the center. They may be silver or charcoal with a chrome logo.
How do you replace Nissan Frontier center caps?

Wheel center caps can usually be carefully pried out from the front. The type that is used on steel wheels is held on by the lug nuts, so you need to remove the nuts first. Stubborn wheel center caps can be removed by taking off the rim and pushing them out from the back. Installation is a matter of pushing the center caps in from the front until the clips on the back slip into the rim.