Wheel Center Caps for Mercedes-Benz S550

You can upgrade the look of your Mercedes with a set of wheel center caps. Your cars wheel center caps are the small round discs that cover the center portion of a tire. When your original Mercedes center caps show signs of wear, consider investing in replacement caps.

How do you choose a wheel cap size?

Standard Mercedes center caps measure approximately 75 millimeters, or 3 inches across. Some wheels require non-standard wheel center caps, however. To ensure a proper fit, you need to determine what size center caps your particular wheels require. There are several methods for determining the size of your Mercedes wheel center caps:

  • Locate the manufacturer part number on the back of your original Mercedes-Benz center cap. Use this number to determine which Mercedes-Benz wheel center caps will be suitable for your cars tires.
  • Note the wheel opening diameter on your Mercedes-Benz wheel. Use this information to help you find size-appropriate replacements for your particular vehicle.
  • Measure the diameter of the Mercedes Benz wheel center caps that you intend to replace. Using this measurement, find suitable replacement caps.
What are some different wheel center cap styles?
  • Classic emblem/silver: This style features a shiny three-pointed Mercedes star on a matte silver background.
  • Classic emblem/black: This style boasts a classic star on a matte black background.
  • Laurel wreath/black: On this cap, the traditional Mercedes emblem is joined by a laurel wreath and the words Mercedes-Benz. The background is matte silver.
  • Laurel wreath/black or blue: This design features the classic Mercedes emblem, a laurel wreath, and the words Mercedes-Benz. The words pop, because they are set against a contrasting black or blue background.
What are the center cap materials?

Your Mercedes center caps take a lot of abuse, so they need to be rugged. Mercedes-Benz center caps are typically constructed from a combination of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic and metal alloy plating. ABS plastic is highly resistant to physical impact, rust, and corrosion.

How do you install center caps on a Mercedes-Benz?
  • Remove your old wheel center caps. You will need to jack up your Mercedes-Benz or remove its wheel entirely to access the back of every center cap. Using a screwdriver, mallet, or other blunt tool, firmly but gently tap on the rear side of the cap. This will dislodge it from the wheel. If you choose to leave the wheel on, use a piece of soft felt as a buffer, and slide a flat head screwdriver under the edge of the cap. Pop it off.
  • Prepare your new center caps for installation. Position the cap over the wheel hole, and use your fist to firmly knock it into place.