Mercedes-Benz E350 Wheel Center Caps

Mercedes-Benz center caps have a vital aesthetic function. Their purpose is to improve the appearance of your wheels and enhance the overall look of your vehicle. When purchasing wheel center caps for your Mercedes-Benz E350, your primary concerns are size and style.

How do you know what size center caps to buy?

The standard Mercedes-Benz wheel center cap size is roughly 75 millimeters, or 3 inches, across. However, some Mercedes wheels require non-standard center caps. To ensure you purchase the correct center caps for your Mercedes-Benz E350, youll need to examine your current center caps.

  • Find the product number on your current Mercedes-Benz wheel center cap. Use that number to find a new Mercedes-Benz cap that is compatible with your old one.
  • Measure the diameter of your cars current center caps. Use that measurement to find suitable replacement center caps for your particular Mercedes vehicle.
  • Measure the opening. If your cars caps are missing, youll need to measure the cap opening on the wheel itself. Once youve accurately measured the diameter of the wheel cap area, you can use that measurement as a guide when purchasing new wheel center caps.
What are some different Mercedes wheel cap styles?

If youre replacing a single Mercedes-Benz center cap, youll want to match your new cap to the three caps that remain on your car. However, if its time to replace the entire set of four caps, youll need to choose from several decorative styles.

  • Three-pointed star: Standard Mercedes wheel center caps feature the traditional star-in-a-circle Mercedes-Benz emblem. The classic Mercedes emblem consists of a raised three-pointed star on a glossy black or matte silver background. Alternative background colors are available. Along with black and silver, background color options include yellow-gold, blue, and red.
  • Laurel wreath: The laurel wreath center cap style features the iconic three-pointed star with additional decorative elements. On center caps with the laurel wreath emblem, the classic star is framed by a leafy design and the words "Mercedes" and "Benz" in bold letters. Laurel wreath center caps come in several colors, including black and blue.
Can you install new wheel center caps without tools?

Installing new wheel caps takes only a few moments. Simply remove your new center caps from the packing material and peel away the protective stickers. Position a new wheel cap over the central area of your cars wheel. Using a balled fist, gently but firmly tap the wheel cap into place. Check to ensure there are no gaps around the perimeter.