Mazda Miata Wheel Center Caps

If your Mazda Miata loses a center cap, there are a wide range of options available to replace it. You can find an OEM part for one wheel, or replace all four with aftermarket options.

What is the purpose of a wheel center cap?

These small parts give your wheels a finished appearance. They are made to work with the tires to give your car a signature style. Besides the aesthetics they give to your rims, wheel center caps also serve a protective function. They help keep dirt and road debris out of the wheel bearings. If they extend over the lug nuts, they can also deter thieves who may have designs on your rims.

Is there more than one style of center cap?

Mazda has changed the style of their factory wheel center caps several times over the life of the model. The year of manufacture and trim package both determine which type was installed on the wheels of your Miata. The way to be sure you are getting the right replacement part is to check the part number of the caps you still have. This information is found on the back of the part as a string of letters and numbers. Even if you want an entirely new aftermarket set, the part number of the original can help you identify the size you need.

What center cap options are there?
  • Size: Some model years of the Miata have larger caps that cover the lug nuts. Others have small versions that are about two inches in diameter. They cover only the center hub of the wheel, leaving the lug nuts exposed.
  • Shape: Most of the center caps for the Miata are round, whether they are the larger or smaller size. Some have a slightly oval shape. Others are round with small crescents cut out over the four lug nuts, giving them a rounded-off “X” shape.
  • Color: All factory Miata center caps are some combination of silver, chrome, and black. For example, they may be silver with a chrome Mazda emblem, all chrome, or black with a chrome emblem. If your car has BBS wheels, they will have black and chrome caps with the BBS logo.
  • Emblem: In 1997, Mazda changed their emblem from a rounded diamond to a flying bird style. This change is reflected in the emblem that is displayed on the wheels.
How do you replace center caps on the Miata?
  • The center caps are designed to be pushed out from the back of the wheel. You must first remove the wheel.
  • Once the wheel is off, you will see that the parts are held in place by four plastic tabs. You simply push the center of the cap, and it should release. Many people find that the handle of a hammer is a useful tool to gently punch it out.
  • To replace the cap, all you have to do is snap it back into place from the front.