GMC Sierra 1500 Wheel Center Caps

If you drive a GMC Sierra 1500, you know the efficiency and capabilities of this hardworking pickup. You might have also noticed that it’s easy to lose a wheel center cap as you’re getting things done. Fortunately, factory center caps are readily available and easy to replace.

What is the purpose of center caps on the Sierra?

Wheel center caps help keep dirt and water out of the inner workings of your truck’s wheels. Whether you’re driving over rugged terrain or down a paved street, there’s a lot of surface grime that can get tossed up onto the wheel. Keeping this off the hub nut and out of the wheel bearings helps protect them from corrosion and premature wear.

Center caps also make your GMC Sierra look more polished. They cover the hole in the center of the wheels to give them a smooth, finished appearance. If you have optional factory wheels for your pickup, they’ll be enhanced by the coordinating center caps.

How do you know which GMC Sierra 1500 caps fit?

There are at least 17 different wheel center caps that have been used on the Sierra 1500 over its history. Many of them are compatible with only one specific style of rim, so the wheels that are on your pickup and its model year are both important considerations when you’re looking for new center caps.

To ensure that you get the right center caps, pop one cap off your truck and look at the back. You should see a part number. This is the number you need to match against the replacement parts. With so many variations of center cap styles available for the GMC Sierra and its Denali trim, having the part number will make your task a lot easier.

What are some of the features of Sierra 1500 caps?

The wheel center caps that are available for the GMC Sierra vary by size, shape, material, and finish.

  • Size: Center caps for these trucks can range from 3.25 inches to 8.5 inches in diameter. The smaller size covers only the wheel hub. The larger sizes extend far enough to cover the lug nuts. The 8.5-inch size is typical of heavy-duty models with eight lugs.
  • Shape: Most GMC Sierra center caps are round. A few are knurled. All have the GMC emblem in the center of the cap. The heavy-duty center caps have knob-like centers on round bases.
  • Material: Sierra 1500 caps are made of either plastic or stainless steel.
  • Finish: The stainless-steel caps may be either brushed, brightly polished, or painted silver. Plastic caps are often chrome, but they may also be silver or black. The emblem in the center may be the same finish or painted red.
How do you replace GMC Sierra center caps?

The wheel center caps typically must be pushed out from the back after the wheels have been removed. You can try to carefully force them out from the front, but they’re often too tight. Replacement center caps are pushed into place from the front of the wheel until the retaining clips are fully seated.