Dodge Dakota Wheel Center Caps

Dodge Dakotas are known not only for their versatility but also for their refined looks. Wheel center caps for Dodge Dakota not only keep your vehicle looking sharp, but are also necessary to protect the inner workings of your wheel from environmental factors. Occasionally these may get cracked or go missing and need replaced.

What is the purpose of wheel center caps?

Wheel center caps serve two purposes. First, they protect your brakes, hub assembly, and bearings from dirt and debris, which over time, can get into your wheels and brake system and cause them to deteriorate. Second, center caps help hide portions of your wheels and your lug nuts which improves the appearance of your Dodge Dakota.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

When you purchase wheel center caps for your Dodge Dakota, you will have a choice between:

  • OEM: This stands for original equipment manufacturer which is the original manufacturer that made the parts for your Dodge Dakota. If you want wheel center caps that feature the Dodge logo or emblem, you will need OEM ones.
  • Aftermarket: This refers to other manufacturers that make parts for Dodge Dakotas. Aftermarket manufacturers offer a wide variety of designs and material options.
How do center caps stay on?

Dodge Dakota center caps can be made of either plastic or metal. Metal center caps are heavy and help you control your Dakota. They are also durable and long-lasting. Plastic center caps are lightweight, help improve gas mileage, and are simple to install. The material that caps are made of determines how they attach. Plastic center caps will have spring-loaded clips for attachment. Metal caps will attach with either screws or with the help of the lug nuts.

What options are there when purchasing center caps?

When purchasing center caps for your Dodge Dakota, you will also have choices of finishes, colors, and designs. You can get caps that have chrome or a matte finish. You can get center caps in almost every color of the rainbow. Some Dodge Dakota owners like to match the colors of their trucks, and others prefer different, complementary colors. Additionally, there are a variety of designs. You can select from various logos and pictures or even get center caps that continue spinning after the wheel has come to a stop. Also, some owners prefer non-rotating center caps. This type of cap works well if you have text or an advertisement on your caps as they always stay upright and readable no matter how the wheel rotates.