Wheel Center Caps for Audi A4

Audi A4 Wheel Center Caps

As a finishing detail, your Audi A4 wheel center caps keep your premium vehicle in premium condition. Because wheel caps protect the delicate inner bearings and nuts of your A4, S4, or TT Coupe wheels, theyre important to maintain. Knowing about this valuable Audi A4 accessory can help you make a satisfying choice.

What is a wheel center cap for the Audi A4?

Wheel center caps are sometimes confused with hubcaps and wheel covers. Both hubcaps and wheel covers are larger discs of metal that cover the entire wheel of your Audi from rim to rim. However, center caps are smaller discs that cover only the very center of your A4s wheel hub. The purpose of all of these accessories is to prevent dirt, rocks, road debris, or other material from entering the mechanism of the wheel and causing damage to your Audi. The cap protects your wheels important gears.

What kind of Audi wheel center caps are there?

Though caps can come in many styles and looks for your Audi, caps generally tend to fall into two important groups: OEM wheel caps and aftermarket caps.

  • OEM wheel caps: The abbreviation "OEM" means "Original Equipment Manufacturer." An OEM cap for your Audi A4 is one that was present on your Audi when it was brand new. Some drivers prefer OEM replacement caps because the cap will fit precisely.
  • Aftermarket center caps: Aftermarket caps are made by third-party developers. They often feature innovative or specialized designs or themes that appeal to a wide variety of customer interests. However, because these caps were not made by the original Audi manufacturer, you will need to check to be sure the cap will fit your A4 accurately.
What qualities are important in an Audi center cap?

There are a number of important qualities to consider in purchasing a cap, but two of the most important for most drivers would be the overall manufacturers quality and the design of the cap.

  • Quality and fit: The most important factor in any cap is the fit. The best looking cap in the world still needs to do the job of protecting the crucial mechanisms in your A4s hub. Prior to purchasing an item, check carefully that it will fit accurately and protect your A4.
  • Design: Center caps add an eye-catching finishing touch to your Audi A4, S4, or TT. Although the Audi logo is a perfect design choice for your A4s center caps, they can reflect a drivers unique style and tastes as well.
What are some Audi center cap designs?

The classic center cap design for the Audi features the stylishly interlinked four ring logo prominently featured in the center. Silver, charcoal gray, and shiny chrome are popular design elements in most OEM and after-market Audi center caps. Although most center caps are disc shaped, some Audi center caps feature a striking star design. As always, check carefully with the manufacturers specifications to be sure they will fit your Audi A4, TT Coupe, or S4.