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Waterproof Case/Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Diving Deep: Waterproof Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases

Youre a weekend warrior, an outdoor wanderer, and a thrill seeker at heart. As you satisfy your thirst for adventure, you need your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to stand up to the challenge. Waterproof cases and covers are available in a variety of different designs and silhouettes.

What types of waterproof covers are there?

Waterproof cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are available in a range of different types. Most waterproof cases are housing designs, meaning that they cover the entire device, front and back, rather than just encasing the sides and back. Housing designs can have two or three layers, depending on the particular silhouette. Typical two-layer housing cases are made primarily of rigid plastic. Layers snap into place around the front and back of the phone. Three-layer housing cases often include a middle layer of silicone, gel, or rubber that nests behind the phone, between plastic layers. This extra layer serves to absorb shock or impact.

Other cases may utilize other silhouettes and be built from materials that repel water. Still other options include flip, hybrid, fitted, pouch, and wallet cases. Flip cases have a flap over the front that you lift to expose the screen. When the phone is not in use, the flap can be closed. Hybrid cases often include features from multiple case styles. Fitted cases are often made from silicone and wrap around the entire phone, sometimes leaving open spaces for utilizing keys or the phone screen. Pouches are open and allow the device to be stored within when not in use. Wallet cases are often flip cases that include card slots and wrist straps.

What designs and colors are available?

Waterproof cases for Samsung phones can be:

  • Glossy.
  • Jeweled.
  • Matte.
  • Metallic.
  • Patterned.
  • Pictorial.
  • Plain.
  • Transparent.

Glossy and metallic cases have some shine to them, as do jeweled designs, which may feature rhinestones of various sizes and colors. Matte cases do not have any shine. Patterned cases feature repeating images, while pictorial cases display a single picture. Plain cases are typically one shade, while transparent cases are clear enough to see through.

What materials are utilized in case construction?

Metal, plastic, silicone, gel, rubber, and synthetic leather may be utilized in waterproof cases. Metal and synthetic leather may be used for topical accents. Plastic, silicone, gel, and rubber materials that naturally resist water are typically employed to construct the majority of the case.

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