Protecting Your Camera from Weather and Water

With any camera, you want to ensure you protect it from any exposure to moisture, rain, mist, or dust as much as possible. Maybe you want to venture underwater with your camera and need a case or housing that is fully waterproof. Rain covers and waterproof cases or housing can help you with that.

What Features Do Covers Have for Outdoor Protection?

Covers that provide extra protection for your camera, either while you are carrying it or using it in the outdoors, can come in various styles and designs.

  • Designs include those that fit exact camera models and shapes or poncho styles to drape over your equipment or tripod.
  • Camera operation may be with your hands fully enclosed under the cover or by inserting your hands through drawstring openings to reach your camera's controls.
  • Materials may include transparent plastics or PVC and nylon in various colors, including camouflage patterns. Additional warmth comes in some styles with a sleeping-bag type fabric to keep your hands and camera in a comfortable temperature range.
  • Sizes vary. With all universal designs, check that your choice covers any additional accessories you may attach, such as flashes, bigger zooms, etc.
  • An additional waterproof or water-resistant carry bag or cover can also be useful when you are walking, hiking, or kayaking with a camera outdoors.

What Features Do Housings and Casings for Under Water Have?

Fully waterproof housing or cases are great for when you want to be able to get in the pool, ocean, or lake with your camera to capture candid outdoor family shots. Whether you like a bit of snorkeling or deep sea diving, there's literally another whole universe underwater that you can explore through a photographic lens. Factors to consider when you're after a fully waterproof case or housing include:

  • Usability: The design and layout should be easy for you to adjust any camera controls and settings you want to while you are underwater. Any exterior handles and grip should also be a good fit for your hands, especially if you are wearing diving gloves.
  • Depth Rating: Choosing the right depth rating on any underwater housing equipment is essential to make sure you can still operate your camera's controls. This also needs to match to prevent the risk of any leaks forming due to the changes in pressure the deeper you go in the water.
  • Materials: Waterproof cases and housings are usually plastic or aluminum and/or a polycarbonate combination of both. For occasional use, a plastic model may suit your needs, but if you're a regular underwater photographer, consider an aluminum design for its extra strength and durability.

What Covers Are Made for This Brand?

Nikon has released its own small, medium, and large rain covers and water guards for cameras in their range. There are also many other manufacturers making protective covers, casing, and housing designed to fit this brand.

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