Mercedes-Benz E320 Water Pumps

The Mercedes-Benz E320 is luxurious and fun to drive. It will get you to any destination in supreme style and comfort. Replacing your car’s water pump, is simple when you have the right parts and knowledge.

What is a water pump, and how does it work?

The water pump is an essential component of your Mercedes-Benz E320’s cooling system. It is a simple centrifugal pump driven via a belt connected to your car’s crankshaft. Centrifugal force expels fluid while spinning, which allows the fluid to draw away continuously from the center. The inlet is set close to the center, allowing fluid returning from the radiator to contact the pump vanes. The vanes send the liquid outside of the pump. Fluid exits the pump and flows into the engine block and cylinder head first before flowing into the radiator and then circling back into the pump. This process continues anytime your vehicles engine is running and is crucial in keeping your E320 from overheating.

How can you tell if your water pump needs replacing?
  • Park your Mercedes-Benz overnight on a clean, concrete surface, or place a large piece of cardboard under the motor.
  • Examine the ground or the cardboard the next morning. If coolant appears to be leaking, you have a leak. The leak could be from several sources such as radiator hoses, heating hoses, gaskets, freeze plugs, or perhaps the radiator. If the leak is green, it is antifreeze and indicates a coolant leak.
  • Locate the round part on the front of your water pump under the belt. Try rocking the pulley back and forth to see if it is loose. If it is loose, it should be replaced.
  • Start your vehicle with the hood raised. If you can hear a low-pitched grinding sound, this is also an indication that the water pump should be replaced.
  • Inspect the water pump for any leaks by examining it for any drops or streams of water.
  • See if your car’s temperature warning light turns on, indicating that not enough coolant is circulating. This means that you need to replace the water pump.
How do you select a new water pump?

Take note of your Mercedes-Benz E320’s year, make, and model and any other important information. Read product descriptions to find a water pump that will fit your specific Mercedes. Selecting a water pump that is compatible with your specific Mercedes is essential for it to work properly with your vehicle.