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Vizio TV Boards, Parts, and Components to Make Your TV Run Like New

If your Vizio TV wont display a picture properly or it wont turn on at all, you might need some of the parts in this collection from eBay to get it going again. There are plenty of parts to choose from on eBay for many different models of Vizio TVs, and heres what you need to know as you select the right components for your television.

What types of Vizio parts are there?

Here are some examples of the Vizio parts that are offered in this eBay collection:

  • Main boards - The main board in your Vizio TV is a large circuit board that routes data to all of the different components in your television. If your Vizio TV turns on but it doesnt produce any sound or images, you may need to replace the main board in your unit.
  • Power supply boards - This board provides power to the various components in your TV. It is connected to every component within your Vizio television, so if your TV wont turn on at all, its likely that you need to replace your power supply board. This board is easy to find since it connects directly to your TVs power cord.
  • Speakers - Your Vizio TV contains two internal speakers, which are located at either side of the bottom of the unit. If youve already determined that both the main board and power supply board on your TV are working properly but your unit still wont produce sound, you may need to replace the speakers in your Vizio television to get it working properly again.
Can you replace the screen on your Vizio TV?

If the screen on your TV breaks, its possible to replace it. To do so, youll need to remove the old screen, which usually entails removing a number of screws and clips. Before you replace the screen, make sure that there are no issues with your main board or power supply board that could be causing the issue.

How do you select the right parts for your TV?

Youll need to seek out parts on eBay that are made specifically for your Vizios model. In some cases, knowing the model number of your TV is sufficient for this endeavor, but you may need to remove the broken component from your TV and look for its model number. This number is usually stamped somewhere on the internal side of the component.

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