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Vintage Soccer Jersey

Vintage Soccer Jersey

Vintage soccer jerseys come in a variety of different styles. Colors, materials, and silhouettes vary by specific design. Vintage soccer jerseys offer a fun way to own a piece of sports history.

What styles of vintage soccer shirts are available?

Vintage soccer shirts come in short sleeved, long sleeved, V-neck, crew neck, and polo styles.

  • Short-sleeved jerseys are available in a variety of color combinations, corresponding with a large number of different teams. These designs feature team logos in different places on the shirt, including front, back, and either side of the chest. Sponsor logos are often featured on short-sleeved shirts. Sleeve length ranges from just below the shoulder to just above the elbow.
  • Long-sleeved shirts are very similar to short-sleeve shirts, excluding sleeve length. A player’s name is typically printed on the top back of the shirt, with the player’s number printed in larger font underneath. The front of the shirt often features the team logo and name. A variety of different fonts are utilized, and some are screen printed while others are embroidered.
  • V-neck jerseys come in both short and long sleeved styles. Some V-neck designs utilize a single color for the entire neckline while others utilize more than one or alternate between the two for an overlapping effect.
  • Crew neck styles often use ribbed edging to create the neckline. Often, the neck is created in a contrasting color to the rest of the garment. Sometimes sleeves are trimmed in the same color. The edging often corresponds with stripes or patterns on the rest of the jersey.
  • Polo-style jerseys are also available and short and long sleeved designs. Collar width varies by particular style as does the number of buttons. Most designs range from zero to two buttons.
What sizes do jerseys come in?

Most of these garments are available in US men’s sizes small through extra-large. Some styles are also available in smaller or larger sizes, depending on the particular design. Due to differences in teams and specific brands, the specific dimensions may vary between sizes. For instance, a small in one style may be slightly smaller or larger than a small in another. Brands are noted next to garments for sizing purposes.

How do you care for a vintage soccer shirt?

Refer to the care tag inside the garment for most effective care instructions as the necessary care will depend on the materials from which the shirt is made. If the garment is machine washable, you might consider turning it inside out to protect any printing or embroidery. Choose cold or cool water rather than hot in order to avoid any shrinking. After the garment is clean, consider laying or hanging it to air dry as opposed to tumble drying. Avoid ironing the garment when possible.