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  • Vintage RARE German Clarinet G.H.Hüller Schöneck 1930-1940's

    I'm not a musician or an expert in this field. Look at the photo. The clarinet is made from wood, the remaining parts from some kind of metal, in appearance either silver or cupronickel.
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    Ending Friday at 9:06PM MYT4d 2hFrom Ukraine
  • Raw Vintage TREMOLO SPRING SET (5 Pieces) - 50's & 60's TONE - RVTS-1

    Tremolo Spring is a part just as vital as the saddle and they are responsible for the fat sound of the 50's and 60's Stratocaster. They are hard with strong tension. And with the increased weight, we were able to create Fat Tone.
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  • Vintage Electro Harmonix Little Muff Fuzz rare violet version big muff 1$ NR

    Electro-harmonix little muff pedal. Ultra rare Violet version. Work as it should. Sounds amazing!
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    Ending Saturday at 7:32AM MYT4d 13hFrom Canada
  • Vintage 1972 Martin 000-18 Acoustic Guitar With Original Hard Shell Case ~ NR!

    First off as you can see in the pics the pick guard has curled like so many do. EASY PEASY! Secondly it exhibits typical play wear, and some finish wear in certain areas, as it was played and rightfully so, THIS ONE IS LOUD AND PROUD.
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    Ending Wednesday at 10:55PM MYT2d 4hFrom United States
  • Vintage Marshall 2x12 Cabinet 1970's

    As you can see one of the back covers is missing It was like this when I got it. It also has a rip in the front grill cloth that has been repaired Other than that it is in good honest working condition.
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    Ending Mar 29 at 6:22AM MYT9d 11hFrom United Kingdom
  • C.C. Conn "Director" Trumpet

    The Conn trumpet is pre owned, from a storage unit. I don't know much about trumpets so will try to describe the best I can. The trumpet has scuffs on the body of the horn, wear on the color, One key has the mother of pearl top missing.
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  • A Great Stradivari Messiah Style 4/4 Violin#7560, Master class

    Antonius Stradivarius Messiah 1716. A Master Level Violin. This violin I s handmade and finished by one of our maker Mr. Jay K.Chen. Much of his work was dedicated to research modernized instruments back into their original.
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    Ending Mar 25 at 10:59AM MYT5d 16hTop-rated sellerFrom China
  • Julius Keilwerth Heritage WT Armstrong Low A Baritone Saxophone

    "Made in West Germany. nothing real bad but look at the pictures to see the condition. The neck has worn lacquer and a few small dings.
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    Ending Friday at 9:35AM MYT3d 15hFrom United States
  • Maestro Guarneri Del Gesu 1735 Plowden 4/4 violin #7553. Fantastic

    1735 Plowden. Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu. Guarneri, Amati and so on. Ron have been trying many difference model's instruments and get the results for their difference characteristic. This is a copy of Guarneri model.
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    Ending Wednesday at 10:59AM MYT1d 16hTop-rated sellerFrom China
  • Vintage Stainer Violin

    The condition is as you see.It appears tight and is complete and not broken. shows wear. there appears to be a thin crack along the front (see photo). It is marked Stainer (last photo) and printed on the wood Stainer both sides inside.
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  • Synthesizer Kawai SX-210 Teisco SYN-42 micro computer board repair kit

    This is a set of all the components you will ever need to repair the Kawai (or Teisco) SX-210 micro computer board (SYN-42) known for the ni-cd battery leakage problem. Beside repairing the board, you will be able to change for a stable lithium battery (included, as well as the components and instructions to do it).
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    From Portugal
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  • Yamaha TX 802 mit Ram4 Cartridge

    Bestklingende FM Synthese
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    Ending Mar 26 at 3:58AM MYT6d 9hFrom Germany
  • Guarneri Del Gesu 1744 ole bull Violin #7557. A Masterpiece

    Guarneri Del Gesu 1744. Warmth,roundness, responsive.This gorgeous instrument is a copy of Guarneri model. Disen has working with violin for about two decades. He learned very quick. and he always has his own idea about the violin making when he was young.
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    Ending Mar 25 at 9:59AM MYT5d 15hTop-rated sellerFrom China
  • CASIO CK-10 +++ Vintage Electronic Keyboard Radio like PT-10 VL-1+++ Boxed

    Like new! Full working!!
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    Ending Thursday at 10:52PM MYT3d 4hFrom Germany

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  • Beautiful ANTIQUE VIOLIN labelled Gio. Maria de BUSSETTO, Cremona 1678

    Fece in Cremona. 16 7 8. The violin isexpertly built, with a convincingly realized pattern, pronounced (however not overdone) arching of both plates, solid inside work (linings, corner blocks), skilfully carved archaic-type sound holes and scroll, shapely purfling, attractive super-dark varnish on a brighter ground, etc.
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    Ending Mar 27 at 10:05AM MYT7d 15hFrom Czech Republic
  • Absolutely Stunning Vintage 1969 Slingerland Buddy Rich L-arm Cymbal Holder

    Slingerland Mounting Clamp Included! Worldwide Shipping
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    Ending Friday at 10:02AM MYT3d 15hTop-rated sellerFrom United States
  • Vintage Fender Stratocaster hard case 1967/8 Hendrix

    In great condition a 67 68 Fender hard case in great condition. Two of the three latch's work as they should whilst the other (right hand side) still work works but needs lifting out of the socket. All in all a great case in great condition that will make your Hendrix style strat look the part and a great investment for the future.
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    Ending Mar 29 at 5:05AM MYT9d 10hFrom United Kingdom
  • Outstanding Stradivarius Style violin #7545, Splendid

    Stradivarius Style. Copy of /Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis/Feciebat Anno /Maker signature. This is a nice copy of Stradivarius Model. The E string is very clear and the G string is deep. It’s with nicely rounded high notes.The general tone is strong and balanced, and it carries all ranges well.
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    Ending Thursday at 9:59AM MYT2d 15hTop-rated sellerFrom China
  • Old 4/4 Violin - Maker Unknown - for Repair

    This violin is a bit of an enigma. Origin unknown - but possibly German. There are several spurious labels on the inside. The scroll is quite well done (better than average) and the wood is of a good quality.
    RM 8.80
    4 bidsEnding Saturday at 3:29AM MYT4d 9hFrom United States
  • Vintage Vox AC30 JMI Combo Cabinet EMPTY

    Old ac30 cabinet that has been fully refurbished to the highest standard including a wiring harness ready for the speakers plus speaker bolts. It even has the chassis bolts and sliding tray. All ready to rehouse your tired old looking 60's amp.
    RM 68.02
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    Ending Mar 29 at 5:40AM MYT9d 11hFrom United Kingdom
  • Ludwig Vintage Large Classic Bass Drum Lugs 60s/70s, Set 0f 10

    They include all original hardware, washers, springs and screws. Also fits Ludwig floor toms of the era. They are in very nice condition with light pitting and scratches on the lugs, the chrome is really nice.
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    Ending Mar 26 at 3:15AM MYT6d 8hTop-rated sellerFrom United StatesCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • Jolana Basso IV vintage bass 1959 - 1960 Made in Czechoslovakia very rare

    Basso IV is the first Czech Jolana electric bass made in Hradec Kralove, Czechoslovakia. I really recommend this bass to collectors because this model was the first bass made by Jolana. Introduced in 1960, its design is based on the Star, or Futurama II (export version), which was a.
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    Ending Mar 26 at 6:04AM MYT6d 11hFrom Hungary
  • Maestro Stradivarius 1716 4/4 Violin #7556. Powerful tone

    Antonius Stradivarius 1716. Copy of/ Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis/Faciebat Anno /Maker’s signat ure. Let's get more details About Ron Slam. He has been making violin for 19 years. He has done a lot of researching on studying the traditional theories and methods of the famous old masters such as Stradivarius.
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    Ending Saturday at 10:59AM MYT4d 16hTop-rated sellerFrom China
  • Rare 1980's FENDER Stratocaster Made In Japan

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    Ending Thursday at 3:11AM MYT2d 8hTop-rated sellerFrom United States

    Never refaced, tip and rails are original and untouched. No chips or cracks. Powerful big tone.
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    Ending Mar 27 at 9:16PM MYT8d 2hTop-rated sellerFrom Bulgaria
  • 1958 Hofner Colorama - rare single cut model

    This is my 1958 höfner colorama 1. Everything on the guitar works but is missing the scratch plate and controls. It’s been wired to play direct out from the pickup with any volume control. It is the early Pre-truss rod version and should have a teardrop shape scratch plate.
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    Ending Saturday at 6:07AM MYT4d 11hFrom United Kingdom
  • Vintage Conn Trumpet or Cornet, Unsure of year, Serial# H22695

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  • Palaeolithic Phalange Bone Whistle c 40,000 - 10,000 Years

    This early bone whistle dates to the Upper Palaeolithic, perhaps as early as 40,000 years. Upper Palaeolithic Phalange Whistle. The whistle has been made on what appears to be a deer phalangeal bone and has modification at either end, it has a wide mouthpiece at one end and a single bored hole underneath at the base.
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    Ending Mar 26 at 5:02AM MYT6d 10hFrom United Kingdom
  • Antique? Beautiful VIOLIN - NAMED THE CARRODUS J.T Carrodus.

    I know nothing about violins, so am just describing it as seen. Then a number No. E 79?. There's a small piece of cylindrical wood loose and rattling around inside. There's general wear to edges, scratches and scuffs to main body here and there.
    RM 57.14
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    Ending Mar 26 at 3:05AM MYT6d 8hFrom United Kingdom
  • Vintage Brass Conn Mexico Saxophone Music Instrument

    Condition : Lots of scratching / scuffing to brass finish. I'm not a musician, not sure if in tune or all functions. Was used. We will respond within 24 hours and will do everything we can to resolve the issue.
    RM 39.06
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    Ending Saturday at 5:52AM MYT4d 11hFrom United States
  • Maestro Stradivarius 1716 4/4 Violin #7555. Powerful tone

    Antonius Stradivarius 1716. Copy of/ Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis/Faciebat Anno /Maker’s signat ure. Let's get more details About Ron Slam. He has been making violin for 19 years. He has done a lot of researching on studying the traditional theories and methods of the famous old masters such as Stradivarius.
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    Ending Friday at 10:59AM MYT3d 16hTop-rated sellerFrom China
  • alte geige lab. Gallanus 1760 violon old master violin cello viola 小提琴 ヴァイオリン

    Rare masterpiece! No cracks!
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    Ending Mar 26 at 2:50AM MYT6d 8hFrom Germany
  • Vintage Ludwig 1400 Flat Base Cymbal Stand

    Up for sale is a vintage Ludwig flat base stand. It has a new rubber topper that I find works well on these old stands. I'd say this one is in decent shape. It shows signs of wear but isn't totally beat up. The main this to note is what looks like a little epoxy or JB weld that it's previous owner may have added. I assume this was to combat the post and head coming loose that was so common with these. Please see the pictures as they are the best way to judge condition. All that said, it works but is being sold as is. Shipping is $15 in the 48 All sales are final
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    Ending Mar 26 at 6:34AM MYT6d 12hFrom United StatesCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • 1950's Vintage Harmony Jamboree H1250 Acoustic Guitar

    1950's Vintage Harmony Jamboree H1250 Acoustic Guitar.  Looks to be all original.  Tight and solid no cracks or separations. Binding is good, frets are good. Overall very good condition with normal dings and scuffs. The back and top are each very slightly arched, it appears as though this is the design for this model I am guessing. Selling it in as is condition.  Feel free to ask any questions.
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    Ending Mar 26 at 3:10AM MYT6d 8hFrom United StatesCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • Rare Antique 6 Key Matrin Freres Paris Boxwood Clarinet in C, Circa 1800s

    6 Key Matrin Freres Paris Boxwood Clarinet. · Barrel, Upper Joint, & Middle Joint do not easily come apart. § Lower Joint - No Visible Cracks. § Upper Joint - No Visible Cracks. § Middle Joint - No Visible Cracks.
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    Ending Mar 26 at 4:21AM MYT6d 9hFrom United StatesCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • VTG H Bettoney USA Cadet Metal Silver Plate Clarinet #4260 Mouthpiece Reeds Case

    The body is German nickel-silver plated alloy. The were made until 1940, but distributed as late as 1951. The serial number on this instrument is 4260. It comes with mouthpiece, reeds and case Cundy Bettoney Co.
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    Ending Tuesday at 1:25AM MYT6h 56mTop-rated sellerFrom United States
  • TEISCO TOP TWENTY VINTAGE 1970's GUITAR, body in really good condition with trem

    I bought this to hang on the wall a few years ago as my first ever electric guitar was a top twenty. It has literally just hung on the wall since then. It is in good condition overall with no obvious major dings on the front and a few scuffs on the back.
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    Ending Saturday at 1:52AM MYT4d 7hFrom United KingdomCustoms services and international tracking provided
  • Harmony H-802 Vintage Electric Guitar

    Harmony H-802 electric guitar. Overall nice shape, no breaks or damage. Electronics work. Has a crack in the pick guard and a couple of screws missing. Needs new strings.
    RM 156.38
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    Ending Mar 26 at 3:25AM MYT6d 8hFrom United StatesCustoms services and international tracking provided