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Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting a ViewSonic DLP Projector

A DLP projector can enhance your entertainment or business experience. ViewSonic has more than three dozen projectors available, including a number of DLP (digital light processing) projectors. ViewSonic DLP projectors are designed for several different uses, including business, educational, and home entertainment applications.

What are some different ViewSonic DLP projectors available?

There are several DLP projectors offered by ViewSonic. Five of the most notable models include:

  • PJD7828HDL: This is a short-throw projector that has full-HD capability designed for those interested in home theatre entertainment.
  • PA500S: This projector is designed for small spaces, providing 3600 lumens and an SVGA resolution of 800 x 600.
  • PG705HD: The high-brightness projector has a lamp life of 15,000 hours, 4000 lumens, and 1080p resolution.
  • PS750HD: This is an interactive DLP projector with ultra-short throw that has Full HD resolution and 3300 lumens.
  • PA505W: The projector is built for professional presentations and is equipped with 3500 lumens and a WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800.
What are some features of the PJD7828HDL ViewSonic projector?

For the ViewSonic PJD7828HDL, there are a number of unique projection features available, including a cable management cover and two concealed HDMI inputs. This device also has an analog RGB PC input and one USB port. The manual zoom for this device goes up to 1.3x and it is 3D compatible.

Under normal mode, the lamp life for this projector is estimated to be 4000 hours. The short-throw lens allows the ViewSonic device to be in close proximity to the screen, making it ideal for more confined spaces. There is also a built-in speaker equipped with this ViewSonic projector.

What are some features for the PG705HD ViewSonic projectors?

The SuperEco mode on this projector conserves energy and helps extend the lamp life to 15,000 hours. The Dual HDMI inputs and USB power supply provide connectivity for a number of different devices. Integrated network solutions like Extron compatible RS232, PJ Link, AMX, and Creston provide more remote control and insight. Bright images under any conditions are powered by the 4000 lumens and a 12,000:1 high contrast ratio.

What are some features for the PA500S ViewSonic projectors?

This projector is equipped with SuperColor technology exclusive to ViewSonic that provides a full gamut of true-to-colors. The 3D-ready technology equipped on this devices unlocks 3D capabilities. The SuperEco feature on this device helps reduce power consumption from the lamp by up to 70%. The PA500S is designed to switch into Eco Mode after being idle for five minutes and SuperEco Mode after being idle for 20 minutes.

This ViewSonic device is also equipped with a sleep timer that can be set for automatic sleep mode. If there's no signal, the projector is designed to enter into power off mode in order to conserve the lamp and energy consumption. There are also five preset viewing modes that allow consumers to finely tune the picture quality.

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