Video Game Replacement Motherboards for Nintendo Switch

Repair and Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch Console With New Motherboard Parts

The heart of a Nintendo Switch console and the Joy-Con controllers is the motherboard. The motherboard includes the graphics chips and the ability to play all types of next-gen games like "Super Mario Odyssey." If you are shopping for a replacement Nintendo Switch video chip or motherboard on eBay, then learn what to look for, including the proper installation kits and accessories needed for the installation.

Differences between affordable Nintendo Switch motherboard parts

On the base console, the Nintendo Switch PCB includes three different motherboards. The main motherboard powers the central Switch consoles, while the other two motherboards are used for the Joy-Con controllers, which can be removed from the Switch console. The biggest difference between the motherboards is the size. The main motherboard is about twice the size of the Joy-Con motherboard. On new and used Joy-Con PCB motherboards, you can also see input spots for the various controls and analog sticks. As you shop on eBay for Nintendo Lite products, look for the different sizes and the description to know exactly what you are looking for.

How do you choose the right Nintendo Switch replacement motherboard?

When you select a reasonably priced replacement Nintendo Switch lite motherboard, you want to make sure to choose one with the charger built into the port. When a Switch fails to properly charge, the reason often has to do with the charging port. The main Switch motherboard includes the battery charging chip near the top of the motherboard along with a Nintendo Switch video chip to help process games. Nintendo has not released any upgrades or part differences for the motherboard. So as long as you purchase a standard motherboard for the Switch, the motherboard will be compatible and work properly with the Switch.

Shopping for new Switch motherboard installation kits

As you shop for a motherboard for the Nintendo Switch, you'll notice many listings for sale that offer just the motherboard. Besides a special screwdriver used to get the Switch open, the Switch Lite motherboard itself is a plug-and-play device. This means that the motherboard just slides in and connects easily with the Switch console. So, instead of finding a full installation kit with parts you don't need, you can save money by purchasing just the motherboard directly. Getting just that one particular part will give you a chance to save a lot of money on your Switch repairs or replacements.

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