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What You Should Know About Vizio TV Power Supply Boards

Vizio is a Southern California-based consumer electronics company founded in 2002 by William Wang. The company makes flat-screen televisions, wide-screen televisions, ultra-large televisions, and smart TVs as well as all-in-one desktop computers, notebooks, and tablets. The company stopped making plasma televisions in 2009 and continues to make LCD televisions, which have power supply boards that may be replaced.

Can a flat-screen TV power board be replaced?

Flat-screen TV power units can be replaced to repair a faulty TV. If a flat-screen TV will not turn on and has no picture, the power supply may need to be replaced. The component required for TV repair supplies power to turn on and power the LCD flat-screen television. Different power supplies may have different numbers and types of connectors to the internal chassis. Not all Vizio power supply boards will fit every flat-screen television.

How do you choose the correct Vizio power supply board?

Much of the information required for selecting the appropriate Vizio power supply unit for repairs will be located on the back of the television housing. Find the Vizio model and serial number identification panel.

  • Locate and write down the Vizio TV model number.
  • Write down the Vizio serial number.
  • Use the identification numbers to determine if repair components are compatible with your television.
  • Access the board inside the TV to determine the exact part number.
How do you access the power supply board?

You may access the power board for Vizio televisions inside the television attached to the chassis. Power boards connect to AC power cords and then distribute the power throughout the rest of the television. Follow these steps to access the component:

  • Unplug your television.
  • Unscrew and remove the back cover using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Locate the flat power unit, which will have capacitors and connectors. The majority of Vizio power boards are located on the left side of the television chassis.
  • Locate and write down the part number, which will be printed on the part's bar code label.
How do you remove the power supply board?

The power supply unit is connected to other television chassis components. Carefully locate all ribbon connectors and wires and remove them by hand. Wire connectors may be unlocked by gently squeezing the tab or tabs, which will release wires. When you have released all the wires and ribbon connectors, unscrew the component from the chassis.

Is it important to match all power supply board specifications?

Vizio makes several versions and sizes of flat-screen televisions. Some flat-screen TVs may have similar-appearing power supply components. Check all power board specifications. A power board that fits one of the brand's TVs may not fit or operate properly in another model, even if it is the same size of screen and chassis. Ensure all power board specifications and parts numbers match for correct installation and operation.