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Circuit Board Products With Inverter Hardware for Vizio TV

Vizio is an Irvine, California-based company that makes a variety of TVs with lighting features. Circuit boards that are designed with inverter hardware help these TVs generate a crisp signal on a flat-screen display using the companys technology. Inverter pieces can be used with different series Vizio TV products, and the hardware is suitable for repair and upgrades.

What is a Vizio TV inverter board?

A TV inverter board by Vizio is a circuit component that manages a TVs lighting tools. The circuits operate by passing electrical energy through the components that power the TV screen. This enables the inverter to convert a direct current to an alternating current. When an AC current produces power, it activates the backlight on an inverter board, and the illumination projects an image onto a screen.

Most TV hardware inverters have different design elements; however, the main hardware operates in a similar manner using a power supply that produces a high or low voltage. The main voltage options are 10.8, 12, and 13.2.

How does an inverter device mount in place?

To mount and secure an inverter part in place, youll need a Phillips screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, tweezers, and wire cutters. Begin the process by removing the screws that are mounted on the TV cover panel with the screwdriver. Next, locate the spot where the old inverter is mounted so that you can effectively swap out the hardware with the new inverter component. Although inverter hardware configurations vary, a typical piece will have enough connectors that will fit on the dedicated mounting ports. Use the tweezers if you need help gripping certain components. You can also use the wire cutters to slice through wiring that runs around components that must be removed while you are configuring the inverter board.

What are the Vizio TV inverter board design specs?

Many Vizio TV inverter board devices are designed with hardware that supports LED and LCD screens. LED hardware generate light thats scattered as pixels. When an inverter lights up a television, the pixels are displayed through multiple light-emitting diodes. LCD hardware that uses inverter hardware rely on liquid-crystal technology. When compared to an LED screen, LCD components operate differently because LCD hardware has light-modulating properties that are generated from thousands of liquid crystals.

An inverter illuminates these Vizio televisions by relying on key hardware, which is mounted on the board housing. A typical board for a flat-screen Vizio TV has strategically organized circuits with conductors, chips that manage lighting functions, and wiring that distributes electricity.

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