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USB Standard Type A to Micro-B Female Computer Cables, Hubs & Adapters

A Look at USB Type A to micro-B Female USB Cables and Adapters

USB cable adapters connect incompatible USB types. USB Type A to Type micro-B cable adapters allow you to enhance your compatibility options for your micro-B USB-connected devices.

What is a micro-B USB cable?

Universal serial bus (USB) is a standardized connection for a number of electronic devices like computers and printers. Other peripherals that use USB connections include printers, mice, keyboards, and digital cameras. USB connections are created in different sizes, including microUSB. In conjunction with USB cables and adapters, microUSB can be used with various other USB sizes, such as USB 1, USB 2, USB 3, and miniUSB as well as with other microUSB cables, devices, and types. microUSB is one of the standard connectors for portable devices like:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Digital cameras
  • GPS devices
What is meant by USB Type A and Type B?

In addition to having various sizes, USB connectors come in different shapes or types. Typically used for host controllers like computers, Type A, which is flat and rectangular in shape, can be found in USB 1, USB 2, USB 3, miniUSB, and sometimes in microUSB connections. Peripheral devices typically use Type B, which also come in the same USB sizes as Type A. Type B is often used with an A-B connector whereas C and AB are other USB Types. micro-A and micro-B refer to microUSB cables or connector types. These types are not always compatible with each other. Before purchasing USB cables, verify the size and type. When USB types are incompatible, adapters are a common solution.

What are USB female and male connections?

Male and female are descriptors used to characterize the parts of a USB cable connection. Male describes the part of the cable that plugs into the device, adapter, or charger. The receptacle that the male plugs into is referred to as female. For a complete microUSB cable connection, both male and female parts must interact. If the two parts of the connection are incompatible, male and female adapters are available in many options. Female adapters will have male connections, and male adapters will have female connections.

How do you use USB female to micro-B cable adapters?

micro-B and USB A converters and adapters allow users to increase USB device connectivity. USB female to micro-B cable adapters enables a cable connection between a Type A female USB connector and a micro-B connector. This kind of adapter or converter can be integral to achieving connections between devices that are otherwise incompatible. These converters can come in both male and female adapters, allowing a number of combinations. For example, you may require a Type A female adapter that connects Type B or mini-AB USB male or female connectors. There are numerous combinations of male and female cable adapters with varying sizes of USB connectors.