Toyota Prius Turn Signals

Your Toyota Prius hybrids turn signals use electric power to indicate to others on the road which direction you are going. These components include bulbs, fuses, cases, and more. You can find a wide array of Toyota parts and accessories for your hybrid or electric, plug-in Prius.

What is a turn signal and how does it work?

A turn signal (or blinker) is a device that blinks to tell other drivers that you are turning your Toyota Prius in the direction your light is pointing. There is one on every corner of your car. When you activate your turn signals, the lights flash to indicate the direction you are about to go. Some vehicles, like the Prius, Prius Touring, and Prius Prime also have turn signals built-in to the side mirrors. Most levers that work the turn signals are located to the left of the Toyota Priuss steering wheel, where shifting up indicates youre going to the right, and shifting down indicates youre going to the left.

How do you diagnose problems with these parts?

Sometimes there can be issues with your Toyotas signals or lighting systems. This can be due to wiring, light bulb issues, or more. You can easily check your Toyotas lights by testing each one individually and getting out of your Toyota to see if it is indeed working. If you do notice issues with your Prius, Prius Touring, or Prius Prime, it could be a number of things.

You may need to replace the flasher in your Toyota Prius if they light up but do not blink. There may be a defective fuse in your Toyota vehicle if there are no lights on either side. When two on one side are not working, it could mean faulty bulbs or bad grounding in both housings. Problem sources for turn signal issues in your Toyota can include wires, connectors, flasher units, fuses, bulbs, and/or switches. Other possible issues with a Toyota Prius hybrid can sometimes be corrected by recharging your electric, plug-in vehicle.

What types can you find for the Toyota Prius?

You can find both OEM and aftermarket Toyota hybrid parts. You can find parts for your Toyota Priuss lighting system, like bulbs, wires, fuses, and flasher units. You can upgrade bulbs within your Prius cases that can improve visibility, like halogen bulbs. You can also find a wide array of wires, fuses, and other components for connecting your Priuss turn signals and their bulbs.