Turn Signals for Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Turn Signals

Turn signals are an essential safety feature on every Toyota Camry; they alert other people on the road regarding your intention to switch lanes or to turn right or left. If one or more of your vehicles turn signals has been affected, its important that you find an appropriate replacement quickly. Thankfully, its relatively easy to find and install new Toyota Camry turn signals.

How do turn signals work?

Turn signals work thanks to the turn signal circuit. This circuit is powered up by the first turn of the ignition key; this power is sent through a fuse panel to the thermal flasher to the stalk on the steering column. Finally, it reaches the turn signal lights, activating the blinking light visible to other drivers.

What turn signal replacement options are available?

Depending on the source of the turn signal problem, select one of the following options:

  • Replacement bulbs: If the bulbs have gone bad, simply buy new bulbs. LED signal light bulbs are available in a variety of colors to suit your needs and preferences, such as yellow, red, and white.
  • Turn signal lens: If the turn signal lens was damaged in an accident, select a new one that fits into your Toyota Camrys existing lamp assembly. Having clear turn signals is required by law, so be sure to make this a priority if your turn signals should lose their function in any way.
  • Turn signal relay: The relay is the electrical apparatus that controls the turn signal. When the relay stops working, select a new one that is compatible with your particular Camry model.
  • Replacement lamps: When necessary, replace the entire lamp. Toyota Camry lamp assemblies come with bulbs, head lamps, and sockets. An array of suitable options are available if you want to update your vehicles lighting assembly.
What particular turn signals need replacing?

Replacement lamp assemblies are designed for specific placement on Toyota vehicles. Before selecting a new lamp assembly, ensure that the placement corresponds with your cars damaged turn signal. Options include:

  • Left headlight
  • Right headlight
  • Left taillight
  • Right taillight
What is the difference between Toyota and aftermarket turn signals?

When choosing new turn signals and accessories for your Toyota Camry, you can select either Toyota brand parts or aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are meant to fit a wider selection of vehicles, so be sure that theyre compatible with your Toyota Camry model before you purchase them.