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Use eBay to Locate An Affordable Trucker Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth headset for truck drivers is essential if you drive a big rig. With eBay, you can finding a Bluetooth for truckers that is lightweight, low cost and has an effective sound system. Choose from scores of new, gently used, refurbished or opened-but-never-used truckers Bluetooth headsets.

Are noise canceling and noise isolating Bluetooth trucker headsets different?

They do similar things very differently. A noise-canceling Bluetooth headset for truckers uses an electronic signal to cancel out outside noise or sounds. If an outside noise of a motor sends a plus one signal, noise canceling earbuds send a minus one signal to equal zero sound to you.

Noise isolating Bluetooth earphones block outside noise using the seal or foam of the earbud or headset. It relies on material and fit to block noise from reaching your ears. Sometimes, you need to have most noise filtered out but still hear your trucks engine. As long as you know the basic differences, make your choice on what works for you.

What features matter most with a Bluetooth stereo headset for truckers?

If you plan to purchase a Bluetooth headset as a gift for the trucker in your life, or if youre buying your first Bluetooth trucker headset, consider these features:

  • Comfort: Truckers spend hours wearing a Bluetooth headset; in-ear bud styles work great for some while others prefer a lightweight, adjustable over-the-head design.
  • Good sound quality:A Bluetooth device seldom helps if you cannot communicate and find it hard to hear, so obtain one with good voice pick-up and enhanced hearing capacity so you can hear over the noise of the road.
  • Long battery life: When driving, there is little time to charge electronic devices, so a truckers Bluetooth needs a long standby life in addition to hours of talk time.
  • Compatibility: Most Bluetooth trucker headsets are iOS and Android compatible, but check your device and Bluetooth headset for your specific models compatibility
How does connectivity capability affect truckers Bluetooth headsets?

Its a long trip across some states with no terrestrial radio coverage, so you may want a trucker Bluetooth headset to transmit music or read books to you. At the same time, you dont want to miss an important call from your dispatcher. Check Bluetooth connectivity for capability connecting to two devices at the same time so you never miss a work-related call or personal conversation.