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Toyota Auto Glass

It is important to have the right glass parts for your vehicle. You should also look into all of your glass repair options if something goes wrong with your vehicle. Replacing your auto glass in your Toyota involves getting the right part and having on hand the right tools for the job.

Do you need to have your car windshield inspected or replaced regularly?

You do not need to have your car windshield routinely replaced or inspected. However, if you see a crack or chip in your vehicle windshield, you need to repair it or replace it immediately regardless of the model of your Toyota car. You will need to buy a different type of Toyota auto glass for a truck or an SUV than you would for a car or hybrid model.

It is possible to replace your windshield at home if you have the right tools and know what you are doing. You will need to acquire the right Toyota auto glass for your vehicle and other tools including a caulking gun, primer, and urethane. You must also be very careful when replacing the windshield because it is possible to damage the car further if not done properly. It will take about an hour, and you may need a second person to help you lift the glass off the car.

What happens if my windshield cracks?

A cracked windshield on your Toyota car needs to be fixed immediately. If you wait too long to replace the windshield, the crack can grow and cause more problems when you drive your vehicle. The size, location, and severity of the chip or crack can determine whether or not you need a new windshield.

To remove the old Toyota windshield from the vehicle, you will need to:

  • Remove the plastic molding surrounding the windshield.
  • Analyze the best angle and remove the windshield from the pinch weld.
  • Cut the urethane with an extended handle razor knife.
  • Remove the windshield from the car.

When you are attaching the new windshield to your Toyota vehicle, you will need to:

  • Prepare the pinch weld by removing any dirt.
  • Clean off any remaining urethane or rust.
  • Tape the surrounding area and prime any bare metal.
  • Apply a primer to the black band around the windshield.
  • Apply new urethane with an electric caulking gun.
  • Carefully align the windshield in the right spots and place it on the vehicle.
  • Wait 24 hours for the urethane to set.

You may also need to replace the windshield gasket, clips, and trim.