Towing Your Car or Truck with a Tow Dolly Saves Time and Money

You don?t have to leave your car behind when you go on vacation. A tow dolly makes taking another vehicle along easy. eBay has a good selection of items to help you find what you need.

Why are there different types of towing systems?

Different vehicles sometimes require different ways of being towed. For instance, some vehicles can be towed with the front wheels up on the dolly and some can be towed with the rear wheels up instead. There are different options for different needs. Here are a few options:

  • Tow dolly: This lifts two wheels off the ground for front and rear-wheel drive cars and trucks.
  • Car trailer: This lifts all four wheels off the ground for any type of vehicle.
  • Towbar: This uses all four wheels down for cars, trucks, or SUVs with 4-wheel drive.
Why do you see some cars being towed backward?

Most newer cars today are made with front-wheel drive, but some older cars are rear-wheel drive. Cars with rear-wheel drive should be transported backward on the tow dolly. Plus, it reduces the risk of damage to the drive shaft. In this situation, you could use a dolly or a trailer for the car being transported.

Locking the steering wheel is an old trick truck drivers use to stabilize the front wheels of the vehicle being transported. Limited steering ability is used when towing backward to keep the front tires (the ones on the ground) from turning too far in either direction. Some parts in towing kits are:

  • Straps
  • Lights
  • Brakes
What type of vehicle do you need to use a dolly?

In the old days, you would see people towing a car or truck with a rope. While legal in some areas, it is not the best idea for safety reasons and only recommended for short distances. A dolly can be used by a car, truck, or motorhome with complete safety.

How do you put a car on the dolly?

Drive the front or rear wheels onto the platform and secure the tires with the straps when loading a car on a tow dolly. There may be additional parts to attach like trailer lights or breaks which may take a little time.