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Toshiba TV Power Supply Boards

Questions and Answers About Toshiba TV Power-Supply Boards

Toshiba has made many types of televisions throughout the companys history, including 4K Ultra HD televisions and many other sizes and resolutions of flat-screen TVs. If your TV isnt turning on properly, you may need to seek replacement parts. Repair components for Toshiba TVs are available for many different models and screen sizes.

Can Toshiba TV power-supply boards be replaced?

If you have a nonfunctioning Toshiba flat-screen, LED, or similar TV, the power-supply board may be the cause. If your TV wont turn on but the LED panels in the front will blink, or the set only responds after being switched off and on a number of times, the power supply may require replacement. In order to successfully replace the power-supply board, you will need to locate the part number and the correct television model number.

How do you determine the power-supply boards condition?

You will need to take your TV apart to get inside the case. The component is located inside the case and is secured to the chassis.

  • Remove the AC power cord and television base.
  • Rest your television facedown on a soft, secure surface.
  • Find the screws that hold the plastic case together.
  • Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver and store them safely.
  • Open the case carefully and locate the Toshiba power supply.
How do you remove and check the board for damage?

Visually check the board for signs of damage. You may see capacitors that are bulging, leaking, or cracked. These are cylindrical parts that adhere to the surface of the power board. The capacitors are marked with a voltage rating.

  • To remove a damaged component from the power supply board, disconnect the wire bundles and ribbons connecting the board to the chassis.
  • Locate the screws that attach the board to its substrate.
  • Lift the power board out of the chassis.
Must the part match Toshibas part numbers and specifications?

Toshiba has made many different types of LED, LCD, and similar TVs in a broad range of sizes and resolutions. The board that supplies power may fit several different types of the brands television sets. In order to determine whether the part will fit and operate properly, it should match Toshiba part numbers and the specifications for your televisions model number and serial number. See the manufacturer site for details.

  • Match the part number on your old supply unit with the new part number.
  • Double-check your TVs specifications before choosing a power-supply replacement.
  • Measure dimensions of the old part and match them to the replacement part dimensions.
Are Toshiba power repair kits available?

Repair kits may be offered to replace damaged components present on Toshiba television boards. Kits may include soldering irons, solder, stands for the iron, and capacitors, which should have a rating sufficient to function properly when installed as replacements for damaged or malfunctioning parts.

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