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Toshiba Computer Keyboards and Numeric Keypads

What To Know When Selecting a Toshiba Keyboard

Having the right keyboard will help you be able to type accurately so that mistakes dont slow you down. Whether replacing a broken laptop keyboard or upgrading your desktop keyboard, knowing whats available can help you make your decision.

What features are available on a Toshiba keyboards?

While all computer keyboards have the QWERTY layout as well as the return/enter button, space bar, and a few other key buttons, there are variations. Here are a few ways to sort them:

  • Function keys - Some of the larger computer keyboards may include function keys. The keys usually run along the top and can be used as shortcuts.
  • Number pad - If you type in a lot of numbers, you may want to get a keyboard with a numeric pad. Usually on the right side of the keyboard, this has the numbers and key functions in a setup similar to an adding machine or calculator, allowing you to type numbers more quickly. The number pad is usually in addition to the numbers above the QWERTY layout.
  • Media controls - Some products may come with buttons you can use to control playback. You might have a play, pause, and stop button in addition to volume controls. Some models also have arrow keys which are useful when gaming.
  • Ergonomics - It may be more comfortable to type when your hands are in a neutral position. There are some units that include padded wrist rests and a curved, sloped design.
How does a Toshiba keyboard connect to a computer?

There are a few ways in which keyboards connect to a computer. The two basic categories of computer keyboards are:

  • Corded - A corded device can be used immediately once connected. This would be via a USB port or a PS/2 connector. The power necessary the keyboard to function is drawn from the computer.
  • Wireless - Using a wireless keyboard from Toshiba can let you type from a greater distance away from your monitor as well as reducing the number of wires on your desk. Wireless keyboards can connect via Bluetooth or infrared sensor.
Does Toshiba offer keyboards made for gaming?

For those who play computer games, having the right keyboard may lead to greater success. A few features of gaming boards are:

  • Overall layout - The keys may be laid out so that you dont have to move your hands to reach all the buttons.
  • Backlight - Some may have LED backlights to provide some illumination.
  • Anti-ghosting - This means that you can push multiple buttons at once.
  • Macro commands - You may be able to program different shortcuts.
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